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I'd like some information about alternative dog containment systems. Can you help?

Fencing Containment Systems

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I'd like some information about alternative dog containment systems. Can you help?

ContainmentWe've received many questions about this subject. You may have noticed that there are a variety of opinions (some for, some neutral, and some against) the use of these containment systems.

Jack Russell Terriers absolutely need containment!

They will roam due to their hunting instincts.... even if left in an unsecured area for a few minutes! You can let them out every day for three years with no trouble....but one day they will disappear and may never come back. Many JR's have been killed by cars by darting into the road in pursuit of a squirrel, cat, etc.

In some situations, some JR owners have found it impractical to secure their Jack Russell with a physical fence (i.e., zoning regulations, size of property, etc). In these cases, they are interested in an alternate form of pet containment. Hence, the discussion related to electronic pet containment systems.

From our discussions with Jack Russell Terrier owners, there is no clear consensus on the viability of electronic pet containment systems. Some owners have had bad experiences with them (i.e., they've lost terriers) while others have had great success. It is difficult to determine whether these good/bad experiences are a result of the brand of pet containment, the personality of the terrier, the diligence of the owner to maintain the equipment, the obedience of the terrier, good/bad luck, proper/improper installation, or other pets/animals in the neighborhood.

Reasons we have heard in favor of electronic pet containment systems:

  • Effective if properly designed, installed and maintained
  • Invisible - can not be seen to detract from beauty of property
  • Can keep dogs out of gardens, pools, etc.
  • Can be used to prevent digging under or climbing over regular fencing

Reasons we have heard in opposition to electronic pet containment systems:

  • Does not keep other animals from entering the yard
  • A feisty enough terrier will take the hit from the fence if he really wants what is beyond its boundary.

Other opinions related to electronic pet containment systems:

  • If you decide to use an electronic pet containment system, make sure that it is properly designed, installed and maintained.
  • Recommend that owners teach their terriers basic obedience
  • Recommend that owners watch their dogs while they are outside (no matter what kind of containment you are using - traditional or electronic).

The bottom line: opinions vary greatly on this topic. It's up to you to make an informed decision on whether or not to use this kind of containment system.