FAQ: Eating Grass

FAQ: Why does my dog eat grass?

Eating Grass

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Why does my dog eat grass?

Grass EatingGrass eating can be due to several reasons. Some dogs will ingest grass to induce vomiting. If you notice your dog is continually eating grass to induce vomiting, we recommend that you take a trip to your Vet.

Some dogs enjoy "grazing". There are several dogs who just like the taste of grass. It's not uncommon for a dog to grab a few blades of grass once in a while. If your lawn is chemically treated, try to keep the dog from eating grass. Also, if you go to a dog park or walks anywhere else, try to avoid grass eating for this reason.

Some dogs like to run the blades through their mouth to "taste" it and don't actually eat the grass.

If you have a dog that really enjoys eating grass you might want to add a little pureed veggies to their food or herbs. Please discuss any herbs with your veterinarian before feeding them to be sure they are safe.