Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

The following are the results from our Picture Caption Contests for 2014.

Jack Russell Terrier Picture Caption Contest Results

Results from Contest # 606 [December 28, 2014 - 36 entries]

Contest #606 1st place What a bunch of stiffs. [votes: 15]  mike b
2nd place I swear she said she was spayed! [votes: 12]  Vickie E
3rd place Jack meets the ghosts of Christmas Past [votes: 11]  Ken
Honorable Mentions
  • Keep telling yourself--it's only a dream, it's only a dream. [votes: 10]
  • Will the real Jack Russell please step forward. [votes: 8]
  • 6 pack of jacks! [votes: 7]
  • I have gathered you all here today... [votes: 5]
  • Okay guys, we need to present a united front... [votes: 4]
  • And then there were five... [votes: 4]
  • I ate way too much stuffing at Christmas! [votes: 3]
  • I must have had one to many kibbles last night... [votes: 3]
  • Oh no! I knew the alien invasion would start someday! [votes: 2]
  • After a glass of stolen champagne, Jill recognizes it was way too much! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 605 [December 21, 2014 - 45 entries]

Contest #605 1st place The KEYS, WHERE ARE THE KEYS???? [votes: 13]  Erich C.Bender
2nd place I hope he doesn't expect us to put the fence posts in as well. [votes: 11]  JR Molly and Him
3rd place For Sale: 4 Legged Post Hole Diggers - Cheap [votes: 9]  Shingle Oak
Honorable Mentions
  • I'm telling you Sparky, I buried the bones right here. [votes: 8]
  • The ball is here... No the ball is here... No here. [votes: 7]
  • I know we buried those bones somewhere on this beach... [votes: 7]
  • Dig, sniff, repeat... [votes: 6]
  • Holey Moley [votes: 6]
  • I take it yours bought you a white ball as well? [votes: 4]
  • Great sand dunes national park; JACK RUSSELL STYLE! [votes: 3]
  • Paradise!! [votes: 3]
  • Who needs a metal detector when you've got a pair of Jacks? [votes: 2]
  • Teamwork, Jack style [votes: 2]
  • I shouldn't have had all that thai food. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 604 [December 14, 2014 - 54 entries]

Contest #604 1st place Quick, take the picture, take the picture. [votes: 10]  Kat
2nd place BOING! [votes: 8]  Jill
3rd place Jack Rabbit! [votes: 7]  Becky
Honorable Mentions
  • To catch a deer, you must BE a deer. [votes: 6]
  • Breakfast espresso was NOT the best idea. [votes: 6]
  • Jack a Roo [votes: 6]
  • I fly through the air with the greatest of ease... [votes: 6]
  • Jack Russells don't run, they FLY! [votes: 5]
  • Did you hear that? [votes: 4]
  • OH! -- dear -- I thought you said DEER. [votes: 4]
  • I thought I saw a Puddy Tat!!!!! [votes: 3]
  • Look at my gait! Look at it! [votes: 3]
  • You talking to Me??? [votes: 2]
  • A hunting I am going! [votes: 2]
  • Christmas is only a hop, skip and a jump away. [votes: 2]
  • Freeze frame [votes: 1]
  • One, two, three, RED LIGHT. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 603 [December 7, 2014 - 27 entries]

Contest #603 1st place This Jack has your back! [votes: 25]  Becky
2nd place Jack's friend, bodyguard and sofa bed. [votes: 11]  Charlie
3rd place I get by with a little help from my friend. [votes: 10]  mike b
Honorable Mentions
  • Love my heated pillow! [votes: 9]
  • We are brothers from a different mother! [votes: 7]
  • Don't worry big guy, I'll guard the your flank. [votes: 6]
  • Who's gonna mess with me now? [votes: 5]
  • No fridge treats unless we get some too. [votes: 3]
  • Don't move! She can't see me if I don't move... [votes: 2]
  • Dis is a nice pillow... [votes: 0]
  • I will keep watch. [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 602 [November 30, 2014 - 51 entries]

Contest #602 1st place Hot Pocket! [votes: 16]  Sandog
2nd place All together now----AAAAHHHHH [votes: 10]  JR Molly and Him
3rd place I ain't afraid, just cold. [votes: 9]  judy
Honorable Mentions
  • Now this is the way to travel!! [votes: 7]
  • I'm on pocket watch! [votes: 6]
  • Kangaroo Jack [votes: 5]
  • Pocket Jacks [votes: 5]
  • Mom always said I had a little Kangaroo in me. [votes: 4]
  • Hmm wonder when he will notice I'm NOT his iphone... [votes: 4]
  • Hand Warmer! [votes: 4]
  • That frozen ground is just too much for my little feet. [votes: 3]
  • Am I just the cutest thing or what??? [votes: 3]
  • A pocket sized miracle! [votes: 3]
  • Jealous? [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 601 [November 23, 2014 - 41 entries]

Contest #601 1st place Shhh, I heard mom mention bath time, pass it on. [votes: 15]  Kris
2nd place We breakout after dark....pass it on! [votes: 12]  Charlie
3rd place Something yummy is stuck in your ear! [votes: 10]  Ken
Honorable Mentions
  • Psst...Mom loves me more!!! [votes: 8]
  • I'm sure I can wash off the spot. [votes: 8]
  • Don't look now, but somebody stole my spots. [votes: 8]
  • hmmm... Peanut Butter! [votes: 7]
  • Stick with me and we'll blame the mess on the others! [votes: 6]
  • She said her eye patch is prettier than yours! [votes: 6]
  • I don't like to gossip, but... [votes: 5]
  • No longer a rumor, everyone knew Jill was sweet on Jack. [votes: 5]
  • Just a little dirt here... got to look good for Grandma. [votes: 4]
  • Yeah, you're 51% cute, but I'm 100%! [votes: 3]

Results from Contest # 600 [November 16, 2014 - 77 entries]

Contest #600 1st place Here I Come to Save the Day! [votes: 15]  Titus
2nd place What every Jack Russell owner has always known...they're super. [votes: 13]  Lily's Mom
3rd place I belieeeeve I can flyyyy! [votes: 12]  honeydog
Honorable Mentions
  • There's no need to fear, Underdog is here.... [votes: 10]
  • This is what you get when you breed a dog named Tarzan to a bitch named Wonder Woman! [votes: 6]
  • It's a bird. It's a plane. It's...JACK! GET DOWN FROM THERE!!! [votes: 4]
  • And that was the last time superman made fun of jack [votes: 3]
  • Hold on Superman, I'm coming!! [votes: 3]
  • Eat your heart out Rudolph! [votes: 3]
  • Stylish, poised and graceful, Jack had the perfect accessory for every occassion. [votes: 3]
  • Born free!! [votes: 2]
  • Up, Up, and Away! [votes: 2]
  • Super dog tries out his new cape. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 599 [November 2, 2014 - 46 entries]

Contest #599 1st place He ain't heavy, he's my brother! [votes: 30]  Jill
2nd place Another awkward family portrait. [votes: 12]  Marty
3rd place X marks the spots. [votes: 11]  vicki
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack Cross. [votes: 10]
  • A subtle hint for Santa: we need a bigger doggie bed! [votes: 10]
  • I've got your back Jack. [votes: 10]
  • Dogpile. [votes: 8]
  • I was here first. [votes: 6]
  • I know how this looks, but I can explain... [votes: 5]
  • Double crossed. [votes: 4]
  • Say Uncle... [votes: 4]
  • yes we are always this cute! [votes: 3]
  • Sadly unaware that NOTHING keeps a Jack down. [votes: 3]
  • It's our impression of a jigsaw puzzle. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 598 [October 26, 2014 - 53 entries]

Contest #598 1st place I don't think you appreciate how hard it was to get those smells ON me. [votes: 17]  Lily's Mom
2nd place honest, the skunk started it. [votes: 13]  philsmom
3rd place I completely fail to see what's the big deal about my new black and white friend!? [votes: 11]  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • You know I'm only going to go back out and get dirty again! [votes: 10]
  • where is my duck? [votes: 9]
  • Where's my conditioner? [votes: 5]
  • Getting wet is a lot more fun outside in the puddle. [votes: 4]
  • An unhappy Jack is a Jack to be reckoned with. [votes: 3]
  • Dog Tank [votes: 3]
  • This is SO wrong in SO many ways! [votes: 2]
  • YOU like clean, I like to roll in stuff! [votes: 2]
  • Hey, what about the rinse? [votes: 1]
  • my odors are gone! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 597 [October 19, 2014 - 49 entries]

Contest #597 1st place Mom must be really tired! She gives me the pacifier and the baby the tennis ball! [votes: 18]  Jill
2nd place I was the first baby.....and I intend on staying the baby. [votes: 14]  0001Nitro
3rd place Maybe the dingo ate your baby... [votes: 13]  Herman
Honorable Mentions
  • Everything the new kid has is mine. [votes: 9]
  • Jackifier [votes: 7]
  • 5 second rule... [votes: 5]
  • Here, I think she lost this. [votes: 4]
  • I am trying to quit smoking. [votes: 4]
  • Wow, Dad just took the baby to the groomers! [votes: 4]
  • I'm cleaning it for the baby!!!! [votes: 3]
  • It's kitty flavored. [votes: 2]
  • Jerry Springer Show here I come. [votes: 2]
  • Here, kid. Now shut up! [votes: 2]
  • I hope you're not planning on putting this on fb. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 596 [October 12, 2014 - 36 entries]

Contest #596 1st place Sigh...It's just not the same since the cat next door moved away.... [votes: 19]  Lilo's Mom
2nd place Knawshank Redemption [votes: 9]  mike b
3rd place Neighborhood Watch [votes: 8]  Carole
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack's parole was denied when he nipped the warden. [votes: 7]
  • I was framed...framed I tell you! [votes: 7]
  • Politically, Jack was on the fence. [votes: 7]
  • Sometimes I need help keeping my chin up. [votes: 6]
  • Nobody knows the trouble I've seen! [votes: 6]
  • Grounded, Jack watches Jill go up the hill without him. [votes: 6]
  • If you leave me, I will cry [votes: 5]
  • Jack is 'bored' again. [votes: 4]
  • Mommy and Daddy went hunting without me. [votes: 3]
  • I'm dreaming of a way outa here. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 595 [October 5, 2014 - 40 entries]

Contest #595 1st place The deck is stacked with Jacks. [votes: 30]  mike b
2nd place Lineup--the Usual Suspects [votes: 13]  Linda
3rd place Neighbors positively identified second suspect from right. [votes: 10]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • Do you think he made it through? [votes: 7]
  • Okay, guys. Our objective - get that squirrel. [votes: 6]
  • Nothing like a SIX PACK! [votes: 6]
  • Jack's whole family was behind bars. [votes: 6]
  • JRT Security System [votes: 5]
  • I told you we were running too fast. [votes: 4]
  • We're in the jail house now. [votes: 3]
  • Minimum security resort style doggie prison! [votes: 3]
  • Anyone waiting to get rid of 6 cats...please leave your number! [votes: 3]
  • We are family! [votes: 2]
  • This jailhouse rocks. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 594 [September 28, 2014 - 49 entries]

Contest #594 1st place Thanks for the steak...I left the veggies for you. [votes: 11]  Dexter
2nd place Is this the Drive Thru window? [votes: 10]  Lilo's Mom
3rd place You can have the green stuff, I'm finished! [votes: 9]  Kimba's Mum
Honorable Mentions
  • Please Sir, may I have some more? [votes: 8]
  • Oh No! It's the creature from under the table!!! [votes: 7]
  • Up Periscope! [votes: 6]
  • Guess who's coming to dinner? [votes: 5]
  • Gonna eat that? [votes: 5]
  • I see it is time to clear the table and do the dishes! [votes: 4]
  • You need to eat your veggies! [votes: 3]
  • Where's the meat? [votes: 2]
  • Am I late? [votes: 2]
  • The cat ate it, honest! [votes: 2]
  • You had your dinner, where's mine? [votes: 2]
  • I came back for the main course. [votes: 1]
  • I'd love some! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 593 [September 21, 2014 - 60 entries]

Contest #593 1st place Jack's first selfie. [votes: 16]  Linda
2nd place But first, let me take a selfie! [votes: 10]  Stacy P
3rd place No more pictures!! Just walk!!! [votes: 9]  mp
Honorable Mentions
  • Rule three........ MINE! [votes: 8]
  • Jack knew early on that everything up to 5 feet off the ground was his. [votes: 8]
  • You say cheese and I think snack! [votes: 6]
  • The youngest member of the anti-paparazzi team! [votes: 6]
  • Mom! He is trying to steal my camera!!! [votes: 3]
  • I said, NO PICTURES!!! [votes: 3]
  • I am cute; don't you want to take my picture? [votes: 3]
  • It's a Kodak, scratch that, Nikon moment. [votes: 2]
  • Photobomb! [votes: 2]
  • Hey you, what does a fella have to do to get his picture taken? [votes: 2]
  • And just where do you think you're going? [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 592 [September 14, 2014 - 47 entries]

Contest #592 1st place You teach me to point, I'll teach you to dig... [votes: 21]  judy
2nd place I know where they hide the treats! [votes: 15]  Lynn M
3rd place Just stand still, I'm sure I can lick this chocolate off of you. [votes: 12]  Kat
Honorable Mentions
  • You know I'm tougher than you, right? [votes: 9]
  • They love me more than you. [votes: 8]
  • You tell them you accidently pushed the cat off the deck. [votes: 7]
  • Don't eat the tootsie rolls in the litterbox...pass it on. [votes: 6]
  • The cat ate your dinner and it's in the bedroom. [votes: 4]
  • WANNA DANCE, BIG BOY? [votes: 4]
  • Your brother sleeps with the cat. [votes: 3]
  • Hmm, you don't smell as funny as you look! [votes: 3]
  • Telephone, telegraph, tell-a-Jack! [votes: 2]
  • I don't care what they say. I thought you were a great addition to the agility trial. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 591 [September 7, 2014 - 64 entries]

Contest #591 1st place Let's stay away from him, he's a pothead. [votes: 15]  mike b
2nd place It keeps the aliens from invading my brain. [votes: 9]  Queenie
3rd place They all rolled over and one fell out. [votes: 8]  Kris
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack wore a food bowl to bed, while visions of kibble danced in his head! [votes: 7]
  • Food Coma! [votes: 6]
  • There's always that one brother... [votes: 6]
  • Hey guys! I'm picking up Animal Planet in here! [votes: 5]
  • Oh look! We can name them Dorothy, Toto, and the Tin Man. [votes: 5]
  • Party hard, guys, party hard. [votes: 4]
  • Can't believe i ate the whole thing! [votes: 3]
  • The siblings snoring problem solved once and for all! [votes: 3]
  • There's always one in every crowd! [votes: 3]
  • PAWTY Animal! [votes: 2]
  • Under the Dome [votes: 2]
  • I don't want to sleep through dinner. [votes: 2]
  • Food bowl: the Jack equivalent of a lampshade! [votes: 2]
  • Did you meet the new kid? His name is Brillo. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 590 [August 31, 2014 - 92 entries]

Contest #590 1st place The prewash cycle [votes: 40]  Divot
2nd place A good licking keeps food from sticking! [votes: 13]  Bart
3rd place The Maytag repair man isn't lonely anymore! [votes: 6]  Sam
Honorable Mentions
  • Buffet's Open!!! [votes: 5]
  • C'mon guys, Mom promised treats when our chores are done! [votes: 5]
  • Don't bother...We've got this! [votes: 4]
  • Let's take it for a spin! [votes: 4]
  • Breaking News: Dawn detergent secret revealed!! [votes: 4]
  • OMG they had steak for supper!!!! [votes: 3]
  • Hey, extra dinner over here, come quick. [votes: 2]
  • The one with the black ears does the rinse cycle. [votes: 2]
  • Saves on the electric bill [votes: 2]
  • Blue plate special. [votes: 2]
  • Hey! The beef gravy's MINE! [votes: 2]
  • we always clean our plate [votes: 1]
  • If only their future guests knew!! [votes: 1]
  • OK boys, there's lasagne residue in here and I'm gonna find it! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 589 [August 17, 2014 - 44 entries]

Contest #589 1st place Jack Pack [votes: 18]  mike b
2nd place Lesson one in 'How to Train Your Human'. [votes: 15]  Becky
3rd place He ain't heavy, he's my buddy! [votes: 14]  Otis
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack was head and shoulders above the rest! [votes: 12]
  • The joys of back packing ... Jack Russell style! [votes: 10]
  • Take my picture! Take my picture!!! [votes: 10]
  • He won't be smiling when he feels a warm trickle down the back of his neck. [votes: 9]
  • I've got your back. [votes: 8]
  • I can see Alaska from here! [votes: 8]
  • who's the boss now? [votes: 4]
  • The hills are alive...! [votes: 3]
  • So much for hiking; Jack prefers to RIDE! [votes: 2]
  • Nothing like a height advantage! [votes: 1]
  • Lean on me [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 588 [August 10, 2014 - 56 entries]

Contest #588 1st place Come closer Clairice... [votes: 12]  Adam Bair
2nd place So close and yet so far away! [votes: 9]  Jill
3rd place Day 3: Squirrel still unsuspecting of my plans. Must find way out. [votes: 8]  Lola H
Honorable Mentions
  • There but for a pane of glass go I... [votes: 7]
  • Psst!! Hey, there are acorns beside the pet door! [votes: 6]
  • How much is that squirrel in the window? The one with the big bushy tail... [votes: 5]
  • Squirrel under glass. [votes: 5]
  • What a nut job. [votes: 4]
  • Whoever invented glass should have to sleep with cats! [votes: 4]
  • Squirrel, you don't know how lucky you are! [votes: 4]
  • You are getting very sleepy...the dog is your friend, the dog is your friend... [votes: 4]
  • Mama said there would be days like this! [votes: 3]
  • This is intolerable, simply intolerable! [votes: 3]
  • Welcome, Welcome, Welcome [votes: 2]
  • I'm watching you Rocky and one day this glass won't be here! [votes: 2]
  • Mom, the squirrel is eating the seed again! [votes: 2]
  • I'll deal with you later [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 587 [August 3, 2014 - 51 entries]

Contest #587 1st place Jacks a la carte. [votes: 17]  Charlie
2nd place I couldn't help it. They were on sale!! [votes: 13]  Terry P.
3rd place PetSmart will be rethinking their admission policy in 3, 2, 1. [votes: 11]  Lily's Mom
Honorable Mentions
  • haha, that ain't no spill in aisle four. [votes: 10]
  • This shopping cart prison is totally unnecessary, Mom! We swear we were just looking at the hamsters! [votes: 8]
  • How are we going to explain all these 'waffle prints' on our bottoms?! [votes: 6]
  • Can you guess which one of us was up all night hunting rats? [votes: 6]
  • The great benefits of bulk buying! [votes: 5]
  • Treat aisle please!! [votes: 4]
  • Buy one, get one free. [votes: 4]
  • We are all pick of the litter. [votes: 3]
  • Move it....We're in the cat food aisle. [votes: 3]
  • Um...yah we ate the groceries. [votes: 3]
  • We're going to pick out our own treats and squeaky toys! [votes: 2]
  • I'll take one of each! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 586 [July 27, 2014 - 62 entries]

Contest #586 1st place Please note: My elbows are NOT on the table! [votes: 16]  Jill
2nd place I've decided.... I'll have the meat with meat sauce over meat. [votes: 12]  Libby D
3rd place I'll take my cat---medium rare please. [votes: 10]  kelly
Honorable Mentions
  • I washed my paws...where's my plate? [votes: 9]
  • Wow, first time at the big person's table!! [votes: 9]
  • No shirt, No shoes, No service? [votes: 8]
  • Bring on the Squirrel appetizers!!! [votes: 6]
  • Enough with the pictures, Mom! Where's the grub?! [votes: 4]
  • Please don't say get down. Please don't say get down... [votes: 4]
  • So, we are all agreed? Chicken every night for a year? [votes: 2]
  • Now...let's renegotiate the terms of our housing agreement. I get this one, and you get the little one in the back yard. [votes: 2]
  • Could you please pass the grey poupon. [votes: 1]
  • Look, no crumbs! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 585 [July 20, 2014 - 38 entries]

Contest #585 1st place Honestly... I wasn't in the snack bag. [votes: 10]  Peter
2nd place Really? Being cute isn't good enough? [votes: 9]  Julie
3rd place Dude! This ain't right! [votes: 8]  andy g
Honorable Mentions
  • You do realize that this makes us both look stupid???? [votes: 7]
  • Why doesn't she know where my mouth is? [votes: 7]
  • Gimme the command, already! My nose itches!! [votes: 7]
  • Help! The cat got ahold of the super glue again! [votes: 6]
  • Really.......do I make you do tricks for a treat!!! [votes: 5]
  • Now????? [votes: 5]
  • Doggone frustrating. [votes: 4]
  • Just wait until tomorrow! You are never going to forget what I put on YOUR nose! [votes: 4]
  • A cat couldn't do this [votes: 4]
  • Alas! 'Parting with this biscuit is such sweet sorrow.' [votes: 3]
  • Really? I don't work for peanuts you know. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 584 [July 13, 2014 - 44 entries]

Contest #584 1st place To war my brothers! To war! [votes: 12]  Lola Helms
2nd place I said, stay BEHIND ME! [votes: 11]  Vicky
3rd place Phew! Get a mint [votes: 9]  Bob L
Honorable Mentions
  • Run with the big dogs. [votes: 6]
  • I said, Show'em your HAPPY face! [votes: 6]
  • Oh stop your bellyaching.....there are plenty if squirrels to go around! [votes: 6]
  • ...was TOO throught the hay first!!! [votes: 5]
  • Incoming!!!!!!!!! [votes: 4]
  • Don't give me that look! [votes: 4]
  • Pull to the side of the road, show me your license! [votes: 4]
  • Don't blame me. You lost the cat! [votes: 4]
  • Pipe Down.. This is SNEAK Attack! [votes: 3]
  • Sometimes 3rd place is nice. [votes: 2]
  • Dirt track racing is in Jack's blood. [votes: 2]
  • Hey man, that cat's stealing our human! Let's get him! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 583 [July 6, 2014 - 46 entries]

Contest #583 1st place Mom! She's touching me again! [votes: 23]  Brooke and Jackie
2nd place Eww, Eww - it's a cat, it's a cat!!!! [votes: 11]  jkrslkay
3rd place Ugh! Cat cooties! [votes: 8]  Vickie
Honorable Mentions
  • Not on a first date. [votes: 7]
  • Pssst....wanna be in the picture caption contest? [votes: 6]
  • One step closer and you'll be down to 9 lives. [votes: 5]
  • Something is wrong with this picture, really wrong.... [votes: 3]
  • I promise I'll leave your cat food alone [votes: 3]
  • Yes scratch right there....ahhhh...that's it [votes: 3]
  • Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. [votes: 3]
  • I don't believe one word of it! Mom NEVER said anything about my going to a farm! [votes: 2]
  • Just wait until the parentals are gone. [votes: 2]
  • Opposites attract. [votes: 1]
  • You're cute, but not that cute! [votes: 1]
  • You will be talking to my lawyer about this [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 582 [June 21, 2014 - 46 entries]

Contest #582 1st place It's all fun and games till someone ends up in a cone. [votes: 19]  Lilly's Mom
2nd place Lick me please...I'll pay you! [votes: 12]  Wally
3rd place You should see what they did to the other end of me! [votes: 11]  Vickie
Honorable Mentions
  • Just be aware, I have a VERY long memory... [votes: 7]
  • I absolutely refuse to leave the house in this thing. [votes: 6]
  • Ground control to Major Jack [votes: 6]
  • Can you hear me now! [votes: 4]
  • I dont want Satellite I want Cable. [votes: 4]
  • When I bark, my ears ring. [votes: 4]
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. [votes: 4]
  • I can't even think with this thing on. [votes: 3]
  • No... I can't pick up Amimal planet with this! [votes: 2]
  • OK !! First one to come up with a treat gets to pick my channel. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 581 [June 14, 2014 - 72 entries]

Contest #581 1st place Jack Pot [votes: 40]  Bakerman
2nd place I thought you said we were getting a swimming pool! [votes: 9]  Jill
3rd place If I stay right here...the food will come to me! [votes: 5]  Adam Bair
Honorable Mentions
  • This bowl used to fit perfect! [votes: 5]
  • Some days just any old pot will do! [votes: 3]
  • Did I hear the Dinner Bell? [votes: 2]
  • Grow Where You're Planted! [votes: 2]
  • Cereal digger [votes: 2]
  • I think I might have grown a little bit since last summer! [votes: 2]
  • too small for diggin'...... just right for sittin' [votes: 1]
  • Don't even ask me why, but I just LOVE doing this! [votes: 1]
  • Come on rabbit! Nibble THIS plant. [votes: 1]
  • Jack fills the bowl with his "unique" version of kitty kibbles. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 580 [June 7, 2014 - 44 entries]

Contest #580 1st place DO YOU MIND!!?? [votes: 19]  Susan
2nd place What part of nay did you not understand? [votes: 18]  Brooke and Jackie
3rd place Lookin' for the Triple Crown...well it's not down there! [votes: 17]  Mr Belontmony
Honorable Mentions
  • So much for the dog and pony show!! [votes: 16]
  • Leave me alone...I'm having a bad hair day. [votes: 13]
  • I just dropped by for a bite of manure, not to get the third degree! [votes: 9]
  • Close encounter of the equine kind! [votes: 7]
  • I AM NOT AMUSED! [votes: 6]
  • Watch your nose buddy. [votes: 6]
  • Watch your nose buddy. [votes: 4]
  • Stop horsing around! [votes: 3]
  • Come any closer and you'll be sorry. [votes: 3]
  • I'm not interested. [votes: 0]

Results from Contest # 579 [June 1, 2014 - 36 entries]

Contest #579 1st place Jack a la carte [votes: 14]  Becky
2nd place You do realize that using this grocery cart makes us look homeless? [votes: 10]  Lilly Mae
3rd place Petsmart here we come! [votes: 9]  Lori
Honorable Mentions
  • We're gonna need a clean-up on aisle 2! [votes: 8]
  • Onward human! The groceries await! [votes: 8]
  • Cart-jacking. [votes: 7]
  • I'm going to pick out so many toys!! [votes: 5]
  • To the meat aisle, STAT!! [votes: 5]
  • To Walmart and beyond. [votes: 3]
  • We shop to we drop! [votes: 2]
  • Make sure you hit the cookie aisle!!! [votes: 2]
  • Take me to my lunch in aisle 5. [votes: 2]
  • Matching pink collar, leash and shopping cart; I think they wanted a girl! [votes: 2]
  • At least I'm not riding in the kiddie seat [votes: 1]
  • There are only two things I hate more than PINK and this moment involves both of them! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 578 [May 25, 2014 - 63 entries]

Contest #578 1st place They will always remember the day that Hank went bananas. [votes: 10]  Kristen
2nd place Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today. [votes: 8]  Captain Jack's Mom
3rd place Oh. Hi. I thought you were finished with this. [votes: 7]  Herman
Honorable Mentions
  • Got my own meal this morning.....how good am I! [votes: 6]
  • Yeah, I made a banana split, so what? [votes: 5]
  • Whaaaat...where am I ? I must have been sleep eating. [votes: 5]
  • So I chased the cat off the table. Really! [votes: 4]
  • Lickedly split. [votes: 4]
  • Talented? Yes. Hungry? Not any more. [votes: 4]
  • Breakfast? Fraid you're too late. [votes: 4]
  • That was disgusting, do you have any more? [votes: 4]
  • Me needs my Potassi-YUM!! [votes: 3]
  • Guilty as charged! [votes: 3]
  • I ate the whole thing! [votes: 2]
  • Yup, I checked it out thoroughly, it is safe for you to eat. [votes: 1]
  • Best bone ever! Thanks! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 577 [May 18, 2014 - 45 entries]

Contest #577 1st place Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty... [votes: 17]  Libby D
2nd place Cold floor, bare belly, taking out the cat, PRICELESS! [votes: 11]  ZackLilly
3rd place Don't be afraid Kitty. I am a doormat. Really. [votes: 10]  Kimba's Mum
Honorable Mentions
  • Target locked and loaded... [votes: 9]
  • Don't move. They can't see you if you don't move. [votes: 7]
  • Cat selling door to door ....hmmmm how easy can this get? [votes: 7]
  • Note to self: stealth and hardwood floors don't mix! [votes: 6]
  • Slowly does it Jack. Slowly does it. [votes: 5]
  • Come to MOMMA! [votes: 4]
  • JRT TV [votes: 4]
  • So close, yet so far away! [votes: 3]
  • There's always cat at the end of a tunnel... [votes: 2]
  • That cat is just asking for it! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 576 [May 11, 2014 - 55 entries]

Contest #576 1st place You put your right paw in, you take your right paw out. [votes: 39]  mike b
2nd place JRT line dancing can be a pain in the butt! [votes: 10]  Randy
3rd place Raise your right paw and repeat after me... [votes: 9]  James
Honorable Mentions
  • We 3 Kings of Terrior Are.... [votes: 7]
  • "I've got your back" takes on a whole new meaning. [votes: 6]
  • Conga line! [votes: 6]
  • Moe, Larry, and Curly. [votes: 5]
  • Jack Frost is nipping at my butt!! [votes: 3]
  • One,Two, Three, Cha Cha Cha! [votes: 3]
  • I heard it through the grapevine. [votes: 3]
  • My three sons. [votes: 2]
  • Trouble a brewing! [votes: 1]
  • Good ole country western line dancing. [votes: 1]
  • Follow the Leader. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 575 [May 4, 2014 - 67 entries]

Contest #575 1st place That's Captain Jack to you, mate! [votes: 15]  Brooke
2nd place Not a word. NOT ONE WORD. [votes: 11]  Derek and JR Molly
3rd place The first one to mention Jack Sparrow will be really sorry. [votes: 8]  Derek and JR Molly
Honorable Mentions
  • I thought you said we were going to Pilates! [votes: 7]
  • Captain Jack vowed to have Mum walk the plank for this latest indignity. [votes: 6]
  • As you can see, my Mom's a crafter... [votes: 5]
  • DO NOT post this on FaceBook! [votes: 5]
  • I can live with the parrot but the stripes make me look fat. [votes: 4]
  • The cat will walk the plank tonight! [votes: 4]
  • Ahoy ye Scurvy dogs and Scallywags. [votes: 2]
  • One step closer and the parrot gets it! [votes: 2]
  • And you thought I had an attitude before! [votes: 2]
  • The Black Pearl be mine. . .savvy? [votes: 2]
  • Halloween was six months ago, what goes? [votes: 1]
  • Laugh and you'll see just how a pirate can get revenge. [votes: 1]
  • Get. This. Parrot. Off. My. Head. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 574 [April 27, 2014 - 40 entries]

Contest #574 1st place I'm paper training :) [votes: 14]  Lori
2nd place Cute trumps naughty every time! [votes: 12]  Maddie
3rd place Good you are home. Look what the cat did. [votes: 11]  Derek and JR Molly
Honorable Mentions
  • I had a little accident... [votes: 10]
  • I was just ambling by when it attacked me! Remain calm, I have it subdued! [votes: 8]
  • Jack's on a roll. [votes: 8]
  • If those bears can play with, I can play with it! [votes: 5]
  • I needed camouflage. [votes: 4]
  • The cat made me do it! [votes: 3]
  • I wouldn't try if I were you. [votes: 2]
  • The alternative to scooting along the carpet! [votes: 2]
  • The sooner we unroll all the paper, the sooner we can recycle the tube!! [votes: 2]
  • who are you? and How did I get here? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 573 [April 20, 2014 - 59 entries]

Contest #573 1st place Jack of Hearts [votes: 19]  Terry P.
2nd place Apparently, Jack decided to fold! [votes: 13]  Terry P.
3rd place Jacks WERE wild, but now they're pooped! [votes: 11]  Laura B
Honorable Mentions
  • Wake me when you need a JACK! [votes: 8]
  • Got any Jacks? [votes: 7]
  • All Jacks are wild. [votes: 6]
  • Jack liked to play his cards close to his chest . . . and his tail!! [votes: 5]
  • Jack's poker face. [votes: 3]
  • You gotta know when to fold them, know when to hold them... [votes: 2]
  • Now where is that Jack I need??? [votes: 2]
  • I wish you would stop saying fish, I'm trying to nap here! [votes: 2]
  • Jill has made it perfectly clear that this is the most BORING bachelorette party ever!! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 572 [April 13, 2014 - 37 entries]

Contest #572 1st place I miss him when he's not here. [votes: 14]  Vickie
2nd place He went for a walk without me! I can smell it! [votes: 11]  Julie
3rd place Jack and his sole mate. [votes: 10]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • I love the smell of Daddy in the morning! [votes: 7]
  • Something smells dead in this burrow. [votes: 7]
  • Can't wait until Dad sees what the cat left in his shoe! [votes: 6]
  • Now where did I put that owner? He's not in here. [votes: 5]
  • Odor Eater JRT style! [votes: 4]
  • SOLE survivor! [votes: 3]
  • Sole food! [votes: 3]
  • the nose knows. [votes: 2]
  • Jack found a new sleeping aid. [votes: 2]
  • Jill was overcome, and not in a good way! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 571 [April 6, 2014 - 28 entries]

Contest #571 1st place Jack's favorite show is on: The Chew! [votes: 18]  Antoinette
2nd place For this recipe, you can substitute fresh squirrel or rabbit. [votes: 13]  easyriderstable
3rd place JRKITCHEN101: How to cook up trouble [votes: 11]  Kimba's Mum
Honorable Mentions
  • Where's the remote? I want to watch Russell racing on the Incredible Dog Challenge. [votes: 8]
  • Shhh....my favorite show is on!! [votes: 7]
  • I can't stir. I have no thumbs! [votes: 6]
  • Hey Mom, Is that for dinner tonight? [votes: 5]
  • When's the tasting bit?? [votes: 5]
  • OKAY, I got the egg part down cold ... where are the chickens? [votes: 4]
  • Next to eating, Jack liked cooking best. [votes: 4]
  • Okay, got the recipe. If the cat can open the fridge we're in business. [votes: 3]
  • Please change the channel to 'Bobby Flay grills steak'. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 570 [March 30, 2014 - 68 entries]

Contest #570 1st place Seriously? They took the keys? Don't they trust us? [votes: 12]  Kirk A
2nd place Russell Tours.....only for the very brave. [votes: 11]  Charlie
3rd place Are we there Yet? [votes: 10]  kelly
Honorable Mentions
  • Hit the road, Jack! . . .and Jill, and Jake, and Jane. . . [votes: 9]
  • Yappy Campers! [votes: 8]
  • How much is that doggy in the window? [votes: 7]
  • shotgun, shotgun, shotgun, shotgun! [votes: 6]
  • Okay, they actually went into that diner. Time to eat the seats! [votes: 6]
  • Drive across the country....they said.....it will be fun......they said. [votes: 5]
  • Looks like we got us a convoy. [votes: 5]
  • On the road again !! [votes: 4]
  • East bound and down, loaded up and truckin'! [votes: 3]
  • Jacks on a dash! [votes: 3]
  • Yep, Hot enought to bake a cat on this dashboard! [votes: 3]
  • Dashboard bling ~ Jack style! [votes: 2]
  • Jack Russell League of America has arrived... [votes: 2]
  • Ok, which one of you has the key? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 569 [March 16, 2014 - 80 entries]

Contest #569 1st place I was only trying to find the squeaker!!! [votes: 20]  KimP
2nd place He was a good ball that Wilson. I will miss him. [votes: 12]  Carol
3rd place Why won't it play with me anymore?? [votes: 10]  moira
Honorable Mentions
  • here, you can have your ball back, I'm done! [votes: 9]
  • Call Dad, I have a flat. [votes: 8]
  • Here you can have it back now, it doesn't roll right!!! [votes: 7]
  • Look what the cat did! [votes: 5]
  • I'm gonna get a red card for this [votes: 5]
  • I told them not to make me the goalie. [votes: 4]
  • Please take this ball as an apology for the incident with the cat earlier. [votes: 4]
  • But it seemed so alive before... [votes: 3]
  • I am sorry little friend! [votes: 1]
  • So sorry... [votes: 1]
  • Jack can make a frisbee out of most anything, [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 568 [March 9, 2014 - 71 entries]

Contest #568 1st place Jack on "steak out". [votes: 32]  sara
2nd place Mom said to tell you it's time to check on the barbeque coals: I'll watch the steaks! [votes: 15]  Jill
3rd place You take the bottle, I'll take the plate! [votes: 10]  Ken
Honorable Mentions
  • Since winning the lottry, Jack's dinners were much improved. [votes: 9]
  • Is this some kind of test????? [votes: 9]
  • I'm Jack. Nice to meat you! [votes: 5]
  • These are a few of my favorite things. [votes: 5]
  • Look who's coming to dinner. [votes: 4]
  • I'm easy.....I'll take mine raw! [votes: 4]
  • You do know there are 'SIX' of us... [votes: 4]
  • Oh......we are going to PARTY tonight ! [votes: 4]
  • Time to put that “I am starving“ stare into action... [votes: 3]
  • Jack likes his margaritas cold and his streak hot. [votes: 3]
  • Great! You're feeding raw! [votes: 3]
  • You just became my BFF. [votes: 2]
  • Two for you, two for me? [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 567 [March 2, 2014 - 60 entries]

Contest #567 1st place Why are you looking at other jacks online? [votes: 23]  Herman
2nd place I hate to interrupt your Candy Crush game, but I need to pee!! [votes: 20]  Laureen
3rd place Get the leash and no one gets hurt. [votes: 13]  Charlie
Honorable Mentions
  • I'm here for you, bro. [votes: 12]
  • I am NOT kidding! I really need to go out RIGHT NOW! [votes: 10]
  • THE LATEST IN SPY WARE! [votes: 9]
  • Ctrl, Alt, Delete, Frisbee [votes: 8]
  • Little brother is watching you! [votes: 8]
  • Trust me. I'm a licenced professional. [votes: 6]
  • Go ahead! Click send! She loves that mushy stuff! [votes: 5]
  • Where's my beef? [votes: 3]
  • I know what you did last summer! [votes: 3]
  • Brother can you spare a treat? [votes: 1]
  • ... and then she said... [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 566 [February 23, 2014 - 59 entries]

Contest #566 1st place Mom, can you fix this?? [votes: 20]  mp
2nd place I think it needs a new squeaker. [votes: 16]  Herman
3rd place It is NOT a doll! It's an ACTION FIGURE! [votes: 14]  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack had difficulty keeping friends. [votes: 6]
  • It followed me home...can I keep it? [votes: 6]
  • Say hello to my little friend! [votes: 5]
  • Do I make fun of the Teddy Bear YOU sleeep with? [votes: 5]
  • He started it. [votes: 5]
  • This companion has no brains. [votes: 3]
  • Look what I killed for you. [votes: 3]
  • No fun! It didn't even TRY to get away. [votes: 2]
  • This is just a warning. Next time, I'm coming for you! [votes: 2]
  • The cat made me do it! [votes: 1]
  • Look what the dog drug in! [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 565 [February 16, 2014 - 53 entries]

Contest #565 1st place mushpuppies [votes: 13]  pinkie's mom
2nd place I don't feel like a husky; do you feel like a husky? [votes: 10]  Rita
3rd place All I said to her was "nice coat". Why are you mad at me? [votes: 9]  Barbs Crowe
Honorable Mentions
  • Let's switch and wind up the leashes a few more times, then maybe he'll take us in where it's warm. [votes: 8]
  • Your coat makes you look fat [votes: 8]
  • Did you hear that? He actually said MUSH!? The nerve of some people! [votes: 7]
  • This looked easy when the huskys did it. [votes: 7]
  • One the count of 3 let's pretend to be in the Iditerod... [votes: 5]
  • If he decides to hook a sled to us, I am going home! [votes: 5]
  • I said white SAND beaches.... [votes: 4]
  • You know I never ask for directions! [votes: 4]
  • Boots, we forgot the boots! [votes: 3]
  • This is another fine mess you've got us into.. Sled Dogs... Shesh... [votes: 2]
  • Mush! [votes: 1]
  • Ha ha! She got the coats mixed up again! [votes: 1]
  • Follow us, Spring's just around the corner. [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 564 [February 9, 2014 - 36 entries]

Contest #564 1st place CrabFest week is here! [votes: 11]  Ken
2nd place Jackraphobia. [votes: 9]  Libby D
3rd place You won't be singing that song from the Little Mermaid much longer, crab. [votes: 8]  Lily's Mom
Honorable Mentions
  • Jack's spider Senses were tingling! [votes: 7]
  • three...two...one...OUCH! [votes: 6]
  • Hey, I need some help with my lunch here! [votes: 5]
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatle!!! [votes: 5]
  • Hey Dude, I'm just as creeped out by you too! [votes: 5]
  • Where is the cat when I need him? [votes: 4]
  • I bow to your spiderness....before eating you. [votes: 4]
  • Suitability to spider, anyone? [votes: 3]
  • The claws are the best part but they are dangerous. [votes: 3]
  • I think I've met my match. [votes: 2]
  • The extra four legs didn't scare Jack! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 563 [February 2, 2014 - 46 entries]

Contest #563 1st place I'll never let you go Jack! [votes: 10]  easyrider stable
2nd place Jack went looking for the isle of misfit toys... [votes: 9]  Emmy's Mom
3rd place Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time! [votes: 8]  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • ...a 3 hour tour? Gilligan? [votes: 7]
  • How do I get myself into these things....MOM....DAD...anybody. [votes: 7]
  • Running away to Cat-alina Island. [votes: 6]
  • It will be fun....he said.....get on... he said. [votes: 6]
  • I have no ideal where your cooler is.... [votes: 6]
  • Once again, Captain Jack lost the Black Pearl. [votes: 5]
  • Tell Jill I love her and I'll be back in a few months. [votes: 4]
  • Hmmm...the shore seems to be moving away from me... [votes: 3]
  • Whoa! That stuff about global warming is true. [votes: 3]
  • Captain Jack's first boat [votes: 3]
  • Hey, are you watching??? I am headed out to sea! [votes: 3]
  • Jack's fondness for styrofoam would lead to his undoing. [votes: 2]
  • Land Ho! [votes: 2]
  • Uh oh?! I hope I don't find Leonardo diCaprio!! [votes: 1]
  • I got the stick - now what do I do? [votes: 1]

Results from Contest # 562 [January 26, 2014 - 62 entries]

Contest #562 1st place Jack's downward dog needed work. [votes: 15]  Herman
2nd place Too much Superbowl party. [votes: 12]  Charlie
3rd place BOTTOMS UP! [votes: 11]  Jill
Honorable Mentions
  • Do I take pictures of you when you're draped on the couch drooling on your chest!? [votes: 10]
  • Nap Attack! [votes: 10]
  • I've fallen and I can't get up. [votes: 6]
  • Meh close enough. [votes: 6]
  • Slip sliding away, Slip sliding away. [votes: 6]
  • Jack be nimble, Jack be quick, Jack slid down the pillow slick! [votes: 5]
  • Just bring my breakfast here. [votes: 5]
  • This human bed thing is complicated. [votes: 5]
  • You do it your way, I'll do it mine. [votes: 5]
  • I want to be alone... [votes: 3]
  • It's exhausting chasing cats! [votes: 3]
  • Oops, I did it again! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 561 [January 19, 2014 - 50 entries]

Contest #561 1st place I said, "THE MAILMAN"S HERE!!! [votes: 21]  moira
2nd place Have you found my set of upper dentures yet? [votes: 12]  Derek and JR Molly
3rd place THIS is how you do a selfie! [votes: 11]  Barbs Crowe
Honorable Mentions
  • Oh Hi! I wasn't expecting you home yet. [votes: 6]
  • Finally! No more pictures wearing silly christmas hats or costumes! [votes: 5]
  • That's it, throw the cheese right here... [votes: 5]
  • I did NOT eat the mouse. [votes: 4]
  • Don't listen to what the cat says, listen to me. [votes: 3]
  • Cat breath? No Way! Just smell this! [votes: 3]
  • Hey, don't forget about me!!!! [votes: 3]
  • What did the Jack say? [votes: 2]
  • Not only do I brush, I floss! [votes: 2]
  • ...and my name's Sparky, and I approve this message. [votes: 2]
  • Insert cat head, close mouth...eos. [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 560 [January 12, 2014 - 78 entries]

Contest #560 1st place Ya might as well give it to me 'cause I've already licked it!!! [votes: 11]  gaijin5
2nd place Was it too much to ask for squirrel and cheese???? [votes: 10]  Emmy's Mom
3rd place Jack contemplated the repercussions of "helping" Mom with her diet. [votes: 8]  Pam
Honorable Mentions
  • I should at least eat the part touching the table. [votes: 7]
  • Where's the cat topping I ordered? [votes: 7]
  • I said WITH pepperoni! [votes: 6]
  • So close and yet so far. [votes: 5]
  • Wait for it... wait for it.... [votes: 4]
  • There is only one piece. So, what are you going to eat? [votes: 4]
  • Your part is falling off the plate... [votes: 4]
  • Where's your piece? [votes: 4]
  • I only have eyes for yoouuu... [votes: 3]
  • Hmmmmm, no meat? [votes: 3]
  • That's not Digiorno's. [votes: 3]
  • On your mark. Get set. GO! [votes: 2]
  • One for me... none for you! [votes: 2]
  • You expect me to eat that? It looks like a giant tongue. [votes: 2]
  • Yes, Life Sustaining Pizza! [votes: 2]

Results from Contest # 559 [January 5, 2014 - 79 entries]

Contest #559 1st place Thanks for the hat. I left a gift for you in your shoe. [votes: 16]  Herman
2nd place Oh, go ELF YOURSELF!! [votes: 14]  Mary Mc
3rd place I ate the Elf on the Shelf! [votes: 11]  Brian
Honorable Mentions
  • Elf on a shelf...Jack Russell Style! [votes: 9]
  • Phew, are the grandkids gone? [votes: 7]
  • Sad part is, these are my real ears. [votes: 6]
  • Does this hat makes my ears look big? [votes: 4]
  • Somebody...just...shoot me. [votes: 4]
  • I have to put up with them - they feed me! [votes: 4]
  • Never again!! Nevvvvvvvveerrrrrrrr again. [votes: 3]
  • Is it over? [votes: 3]
  • I am not a decoration! [votes: 3]
  • Remind me not to invite the cats over for our holiday celebration next year. [votes: 3]
  • All I got for Christmas was this stupid hat! [votes: 2]
  • Holidays are ruff! [votes: 2]
  • Have you completely lost your mind?! [votes: 2]
  • Hi! I'm Drunk Uncle's JRT but I never make the Saturday Night Live skit. [votes: 1]
  • Some days you feel like a nut... [votes: 1]
  • The gift that keeps on giving. [votes: 1]