Kids Crack Us Up!

Memorable and often hysterical replies judges have received from the child and youth handlers.

Kids Crack Us Up

Liz Valles, PA - September/October 2008 True Grit

True Grit Magazine is included with your JRTCA membershipThis is a new column for True Grit that we are sure everyone will truly enjoy and get a few laughs from. Each issue we will have input from judges - from all the trial venues - of the memorable and often hysterical replies they have received from the child and youth handlers.

Terri Batzer

Terri once asked a little girl "Why do we show our Jack Russells in conformation?" Her prompt response was "So we can win ribbons and get more money for our puppies." Hmm - not quite the answer she was looking for. Another little girl was asked "What do Jack Russells do best?" "Bark" was her quick reply.

About 20 years ago, Terri asked a sharp young man who had been showing for quite some time in youth handler "Who is the man most well known for starting the Jack Russell Terrier in England many, many years ago - in the 1800's?" His very fast response was "Greg Mousley." I said "Gosh I didnt know he was THAT old..."

Recently at a show in Colorado she asked a young girl "What is the most important structural part of the terrier for hunting?" She was looking for chest size/and or flexibility. The bright little girl said "His mouth." She said "OK - why?" She said with a great deal of certainty - "Because that's where the sound comes out!" Not what she was looking for, but a very good answer none the less!

At the same show she asked a young man the same question who had a VERY active dog. His answer "I dont know this dog is just plain crazy".

Catherine Brown

Catherine had a sobbing little girl in a class once, very reluctant to enter the ring, so she handed off the terrier to a nearby adult and asked the little girl to help her judge the class instead. It was like handing her a magic wand. She was full of muster and bravery - never had she seen tears dry up faster!

Liz Valles

I've told this story many times and even now it makes me laugh. When my daughter Ali was at her first show her puppy was too young for her to handle. We let her use one of our older dogs. Jack Batzer was judging and Ali was only three years old. He asked if she could walk her dog up and back please and her response with hands on her hip was "This is not my dog, this is my Moms dog."

A young boy in Minnesota was showing his tri colored dog. His mother was the trial chairmen so I was familiar with the kids. When I asked the color of his dog he hesitated and said "Calico". I thought that to be an interesting reply but since they had two calico cats at home it seemed fitting.

I asked a young boy in Texas once what he liked best about his dog and he replied "When he's not fighting."

I often find when asking the kids to tell me the acceptable Jack Russell coat colors that they tend to leave out the all white color. Recently in South Carolina I asked a young Youth handler "Can they be all white?" and his emphatic response was "Oh no, the all white ones are always deaf!" Amazing what they come up with!

Also in South Carolina a question was posed to Gregory by Ted Harris - his response was provoking. Ted asked Gregory if his dog was neutered. Gregory yelled in a loud voice across the ring to his dad Doug - "Dad - Is Squire neutered?" We got a lot of mileage out of that one. We could probably do an entire column on the funny responses from young Gregory.

We look forward to Elizabeth Gleasons submisssion for this column as she has some jewels which will no doubt keep us in stitches. As usual the kids keep us guessing and of course CRACK US UP!

Article from September/October 2008 True Grit

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