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The following is a collection of Jack Russell Terrier news stories from around the world.

Rescue gives Jack Russell terriers a new chance at life

Every night, Dale Mountan sits in front of her computer to scroll down a list of dogs on death row in New York City shelters.
View Story / Video     Source: timesunion.com     Posted: 2012-01-05

Jack Russell Terrier rescued after 19-hour ordeal trapped underground in a pipe

A Jack Russell Terrier has been rescued after a 19 hour ordeal trapped underground inside an irrigation pipe. One-and-a-half-year-old Eddie was on a trip with his truck driver owner, Glen Farrell who was making a delivery, when he got loose from the
View Story / Video     Source: Mail Online     Posted: 2011-02-21

Mountain lion trapped up tree by Jack Russell dog

A mountain lion found it was no match for a Jack Russell terrier which trapped it up a tree on a farm in the US state of South Dakota.
View Story / Video     Source: BBC News     Posted: 2010-11-12

Make a fetching jack-o'-lantern

Rather than the usual jack-o'-lantern face, I made a Jack Russell terrier face on my pumpkin this year to honor my favorite breed of dog.
View Story / Video     Source: Ohio.com     Posted: 2010-10-09

Jackson Paw-lick

Artists are often unpredictable, but on a recent studio visit in Brooklyn, I was surprised when the painter greeted me by barking out the window, with her son. The artist is Tillamook Cheddar, an 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier.
View Story / Video     Source: The Chronogram     Posted: 2010-09-29

Terrier, owner reunited after separation during Alaska camping trip

Fairbanks North Star Borough’s Animal Control manager, after a recent reunion between dog and owner defied the norm. The dog covered 200 miles while its owner mourned his 11-year-old Jack Russell terrier’s assumed run-in with a black bear.
View Story / Video     Source: Fairbanks Daily News     Posted: 2010-09-11

Dog Saves Owner From Drowning

Tennessee resident Rebecca Northern was rescued from near-death last month by a tiny pup named Selena. The Jack Russell terrier was able to pull Northern to safety after she dove into the shallow end of her parents' pool.
View Story / Video     Source: Huffington Post     Posted: 2010-09-07

Dog rescued in cliffhanger near Oak Harbor

Thanks to two eagle-eyed members of the Whidbey Audubon Society, a small terrier was rescued Thursday after spending more than a week trapped on a narrow ledge overlooking a bluff.
View Story / Video     Source: Seattle PI     Posted: 2010-07-11

The new Jack on the block

The not-for-profit Refuge draws equally from shelters and “private surrenders” — Jacks whose adopters, often apartment-dwellers, didn’t fully grasp the commitment involved.
View Story / Video     Source: silive.com     Posted: 2010-06-09

Dogs bone up on surfing skills in run-up to annual competition

Buddy, a Jack Russell terrier who has been surfing for years, will compete alongside 60 other dogs in the fifth annual Loews Coronado Bay Resort Surf Dog competition today.
View Story / Video     Source: Times Online     Posted: 2010-05-22

20-year-old Jack Russell terrier is living large, thanks to New Bedford couple

The Jack Russell terrier celebrated his 20th birthday March 9, and was honored with his own Facebook page for the occasion. To date, he has more than 100 fans.
View Story / Video     Source: SouthCoastToday.com     Posted: 2010-03-21

WEB VIDEO OF THE DAY: Talented Jack Russell Terrier

An adorable Jack Russell Terrier has been trained through positive reinforcement... and his best friend is more than happy to show off all that he can do!
View Story / Video     Source: KDSK.com     Posted: 2010-03-15

Max the runaway dog reunited with owner after surviving bitter winter

The dog ran away in July, and somehow survived a bitter winter - until he was joyfully reunited with his owner Wednesday.
View Story / Video     Source: TwinCities.com     Posted: 2010-03-06

Superdog Wallace finds his way back home!

Wallace the Jack Russell Terrier Cross stunned his owners after getting lost on a day out miles from home - and finding his way back alone.
View Story / Video     Source: BBC     Posted: 2010-01-28

Colorado terrier scraps with large lizard Down Under

I took the dogs for a hike one morning and they ran ahead of me to investigate something,” said Jacquelin Throneberry of Denver, Colo. “Before I know it, I see Jack in the distance running down the hill violently shaking what looked like a big lizard
View Story / Video     Source: VPI Hambone Award Web Site     Posted: 2010-01-25

Jack Russell terrier rescued from 25-foot-deep hole in Watsonville

Duct tape, bamboo and a noose helped rescue a Jack Russell terrier from a 25-foot-deep hole in the backyard of a Zurich Avenue home Wednesday night.
View Story / Video     Source: Contra Costa Times     Posted: 2010-01-13

Rescue of Jack Russell in Frostburg

A nice story of a Jack Russell Terrier that was rescued on Christmas eve.
View Story / Video     Source: Cumberland Times     Posted: 2009-12-24

Jack Russell Terrier Rescued by Roto-Rooter in New York

Amazing video of a Jack Russell Terrier rescued from a cemetary in New York by Roto-Rooter.
View Story / Video     Source: YouTube     Posted: 2009-12-10

Christmas Video

Great Christmas video with a Jack Russell Terrier. Think Snoopy!
View Story / Video     Source: Greeting Cards     Posted: 2009-12-01

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