Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Rice fight!!!
From: Kyle Mckenna

My Jack Russell Story:

My name is Kyle. I have a 2yer. short-hair named Taz. The name fits him perfectly. About 3 months ago my mother was cooking chinese food. She was using an imported rice, Basmati, It comes packaged in a sack. (sort of like a small potatoe sack with handles) Anyway she set set the bag down, and when we wernt looking the bag must settled. Taz did'nt like that. First he'd jump at it and hesitate to touch it. Next he growled and cursed at it. When this first started it startled my mother and I. I put the bag up to him to smell, but he still refused to go near it. So I put down again and alls well until after dinner was over. We're all sitting around the table when all of a sudden we hear a loud growl and a bark. I looked and to my surprise Taz was fighting the rice! He ripped the damn thing to shreds! For the next few months everybody was stepping on rice, even after sweeping for 5 days. So thats my story. I hope you enjoy!!

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