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Story Name: Please Read This
From: MaRy

My Jack Russell Story:

My boyfriend and I owned a JRT named Calloway. Sadly, he passed away last week at the age of one. We used to play this game that he invented. He would always steal food from me (you know how much JRTs love food) and run into his doghouse to eat it quickly before I could get it back from him. He constantly amused us with his sill tricks. He was always so eager to please and we adored him for it. In this sad incident, he choked on the food he stole from me. We were eating sushi that night and he tried to swallow a piece whole. He choked on it and could not breath. We pumped his stomach with our hands in the next few seconds to make him breath. He started breathing, but the food had torn through his esophagus and gone into his heart and lung cavities. He had an operation that saved his life immediately, but died of a heart attack the following evening as a complication to the surgery. Needless to say, we are devastated. I write this story to let all other JRT owners know that the intensely curious and playful nature of our beloved pets can also make them a danger to themselves. Please don't let this happen to your JRT. Always expect that they WILL get into any trouble they can. Please protect your dogs and train them to listen to you. It really may save their lives. Out of this tragedy came a happy ending. We are now the owners of Penske, an 8 week old JRT. He is Calloway's younger brother from the next litter. We found out about his existence when we called Calloway's breeder to let them know about his passing. He certainly is our little miracle. Thanks for listening to our story.

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