Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Elmo Attempts to Kiss Pam But Misses
From: Bruce Furlong

My Jack Russell Story:

Once again this is an Elmo story that put the fear of God into me. For those of you who don't know Elmo, he's my little JRT buddy that is built like a little Brick @!#@ House. For some background information on Elmo, please refer to "Elmo's Big Jump".

Today's story begins on a cold but dry Sunday afternoon. My girlfriend and I returned from a productive day at the mall to greet Elmo, who was anticipating our return. After taking him out, we moved into the bedroom to begin working on the computer. While the computer booted up we began playing, Pam and I that is, but Elmo didn't seem to care, it was all fun and games for him as well. I began to tickle Pam until she was laughing so hard that she was screaming out loud. Elmo began jumping all over us trying to give each of us kisses. All of a sudden I heard a load scream... and blood all over. By the time we got to the bathroom and attempted to assess the damage Pam had already lost half of her body blood, or at least it seemed like it!!!!... At first we thought that her nose was just bleeding but that was the least of our problems.... Elmo had accidently scratched her nose from under the nostril through the cartilage and up to the point of her nose. What a mess it was!!! As panic set in we decided that we needed medical attention (mostly Pam!) right away.

After six hours in Emergency, one tetnus shot, six needles and five stiches later, it was determined that Elmo's powerful paw had caused all this fuss.

Pam has recovered, I am releived and Elmo still loves Pam! and I love Elmo.

Stay tuned for further stories..................

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