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My Jack Russell Story:

we are the proud owners of a 15 week old tan and white smooth coat jrt. this past saturday i took bugsy to my brothers house so his kids can play with him it was almost sun down and as soon as i put him in the back yard to play he heard both the neighboring dogs and got scared and ran under the back fence and disappeared and i thought he was hiding. i kept calling his name but i did not hear anything it was now night and i was going nuts because he means the world to us.i searched the whole area around the back yard but no luck. i went on a two mile radius and kept calling his name but no response.i went to neighbors houses look in back yards but no sign of him at all.by this time i knew my wife had come him from work so i called her and told her to meet me at my brothers house and bring bugsy's favorite toy, one of them squeegee toys that you press and it makes the sound he goes crazy when he hears that.she showed up and we went on the search together. it was now almost 9:00 pm . there was one house two doors down which no one was home so we went inside through the back gate with flash light when we entered i heard a little klinging sound and i ask my wife did you hear that and she said no but i knew thats him i looked around behind some lumber and there he was shaking and scared seeing him i just burst into tears i was so happy that we got our son back.

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