Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Molly the Magnificent
From: Ruthi S.

My Jack Russell Story:

Molly is my two-year-old smooth-coat JRT; my best friend. She loves to watch television, but doesn't like Tom Hanks,any military movie with marching,or Westerns. She really limits my TV watching! Molly also loves to perform JRT races throughout my apartment. She races from one room to another with her tail and back-end tucked under. It never fails to make me laugh! She sleeps in my bed under the covers when I tell her "Bedtime, Molly!" When I wake up in the morning, her silky body is under the covers and her sweet face is next to mine on my pillow. She is the absolute BEST dog I have ever had.

I have had some problems with housebreaking, but have 'nipped it' by crating her while I am gone. Molly also knows about 30 words - so smart! I hope to get her picture up here someday soon, so everyone can see my best pal, Molly! She's the bestest JRT in the world! (I tell her that all the time!)

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