Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Ripley Vs. The Dreaded PLUMBING!!!
From: Sam Weinald

My Jack Russell Story:

My little Jack Russells name is Ripley. She hates plumbing, and I mean hates it. Whenever you turn on the faucet, she flips out! She she tries to "eat" the faucet. One day we heard a gurgulling noise, then a bubbling noise. My mother and I went to investigate the noise. The toilet had made a noise, and the dog had JUMPED into the toilet and begun to stick her head under the water. The bubbling noise was her blowing bubbles out of her noise. She was trying to "eat" the toilet. Another bit of evidance is that everytime the sprinklers pop on, she bites the sprinklers. We've had to replace two! Personally I think she was a derranged plumber in a former life!

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