Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: That Big Dog
From: Susan S. Reaney

My Jack Russell Story:

While watching the movie "The Truth about Cat's and Dogs" there is a sceen in it where a large dog has rollerskates on it. When the man tried to remove the skates the huge dog lunges at the man and a close up of the dog is shown barking with his teeth showing.

Unknown to My husband and me our little "Buddy Diggers" (then about 2 months old) while sitting in the recliner with me was watching. When the mastif jumped at the TV poor Buddy shot off the recliner and flew under the sofa. When we got him out from under the sofa we ask him if the BIG DOG was after him.

To this day if you say " I hear a BIG DOG" he starts looking for one.

They never forget!

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