Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Hide and Seek
From: Krista

My Jack Russell Story:

Zoe, my 10-month old JR, is my best friend. She is a lot of fun to have around the house and is always entertaining. About 2 months ago, she got into a habit of hiding her rawhide chewies inside the house (too much snow outside, I guess!). As soon as she gets a chewie, she hides it somewhere so she can have it later, when SHE decides it's time to chew it. She's very sneaky about it and will get mad if we follow her. Every now and then she will pull one out from some unknown location and begin to chew on it. I discovered a big mistake though. One day while cleaning the house, I found a chewie in the couch cushions, so I took it out and gave it to her. Naturally, she thought it was a new one, not realizing it was from the couch. For weeks, she was digging in the couch, wondering where the chewie was that she buried in there. Finally, I secretly put one in the cushions, and saw how satisfied she was when she finally "found" it. She quite often hides them in the pillows on my bed, so before I go to sleep, I now show her that I am moving it. This keeps us both happy!

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