Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Achieving New Heights
From: Tim Rizzi

My Jack Russell Story:

My Jack Russell Terrier's name is Pepper. She loves to play soccer. All day long she will dribble the soccer ball up and down the yard, heading the ball every chance she gets. Often she will head the ball from one end of the yard to the other without letting it touch the ground. Over this summer I was doing some home improvements. The house needed painting and the lawn needed repairs. To Pepper's dissatisfaction, I had take to take her ball away. She was not to play soccer today or so I thought. Pepper is an exceptionally intelligent dog or I'm inferior to her intelligence. I prefer to think its her intelligence, I hope. I have attempted to hide her soccer ball in several places. On tables out of reach, under coolers with lids on them, on bookshelfs, in cabinet draws, etc... Each time she has found ways to get the soccer ball. On this very work intensive day I placed the soccer ball on the top of the ladder that I was painting on. 10 minutes later Pele is at it again dribbling the ball up and down the yard. Evidently she pounded on the ladder hard enough to knock the ball down or so I thought. After going through this ritual several times I placed the ball on the roof. At this point Pepper noticed where I placed the ball. She is very observant. The ladder still remained in close proximity to where the ball was place on the roof. It was lunch time so I sat down for a bite to eat and some refreshments. 10 Minutes later Pepper was climbing up the 6 foot ladder a step at a time. Once she arrived at the top step she attempted to climb onto the roof. Evidently this is how she initially got the soccer ball off the ladder. I even tested this feat out. Sure enough she climbed up the ladder and then knocked the ball down to the ground. Impressed with her determination and also concerned with her safety I gave Pepper the soccer ball. So much for the lawn. Oh well, at least Pepper is once again wagging her tail very happily.

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