Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Rusty Bubbles
From: Pam

My Jack Russell Story:

We have a 16 week old Jack Russell Terrior, Rusty, which has become one of the true joys of my existence. He is constantly getting into mischief but listens very well. He is SO SMART!!!

Well, for the past several weeks, whenever I would shower he would cry outside the shower curtain until I would look out at him and talk to him. Several times he would jump onto the back of the bathtub and stare at me while I showered. (Somewhat reminding me of the cats I had many years ago.)

Last Saturday, I decided that I had had a really stressful week and I needed to treat myself to a relaxing bubble bath. I drew my bath and Rusty managed to push the bathroom door open. He has figured out where and how to push the door open to get in whenever he wants.

There I am relaxing in a tub full of bubbles when the puppy decides that something must be wrong. He starts to cry and jump up and down all along the side of the tub. Before I know it, Rusty has jumped right into the tub bubbles and all. He sat there with the most perplexed look that I had to laugh. He sat in there for several moment until I stopped laughing and then started to try to jump out -- he needed some assistance. I drained the tub because I no longer needed the soak for relaxation. Rusty provided the humorous spark to relax the weeks worth of stress away.

He has been a constant source of challenges and of great joy. I am so happy that he has entered into our lives.

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