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Story Name: Problems With Gas
From: Tracey

My Jack Russell Story:

Well no, my JRT Cricket doesn't have gas - she has a problem with PEOPLE who have gas. She's 2 years old and has done this since she was just little. At night, she is usually on either my or my husband's lap while we watch TV. She will be lying there, sacked out, but if that "sound" occurs, she LEAPS out of the lap as if she had springs on her feet!! She doesn't look where she's going, she doesn' even care - she just wants outta there!

Now, after careful studies of this behavior, we have discovered that it is not the Smell of the action but rather the Sound. First of all, she doesn't stay around long enough to see it it smells, and second, sometimes there can be a really strong smell but no sound and she never even wakes up!

Really we are not that "gaseous" around here, (it doesn't happen THAT often) but it is just the funniest thing so I thought I'd share it. She does some other strange things, but I'll save them for another day! She is most definitely the most loveable & entertaining dog I've ever had & I wouldn't take anything in the world for her. I had a hard time imagining that anyone else could have such a special dog, until I read the stories & comments from people all over the world who are just as lucky as me to be loved by a Jack Russell Terrier. They are truly a SPECIAL breed. Just keep on lovin' 'em!!!

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