Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jeannie's Mission
From: Margaret J. Rucker, DVM

My Jack Russell Story:

Jeannie is a two year old tricolor rough coat JRT she is one of two JRT's who own my husband and I who are both veterinarians. Jeannie goes to the veterinary hospital with me every day when we are forced to leave our farm and work for a living. Jeannie stays in my office and keeps my chair seat warm during the day, except for special occasions...thus this story:

The first time this happened, I thought it an accident..but, now, after more than a dozen times in the past 18 months, I know it is Jeannie's mission. Unfortunately, as a veterinarian, I must sometimes perform the terrible task of euthanasia. In our hospital, this is a heartbreaking duty for both myself, my staff, and certainly for distraught pet owner. After I have performed the service, Jeannie leaves her office chair, enters the exam room and jumps up into the grieving pet owner's lap (oftentimes total strangers to her) and proceeds to lick them in the face, wiping away the tears as only a Jack Russell can do..

After submitting to a few hugs, she then returns to my office and jumps back into my chair..ready to lick away my tears when I return. Her mission accomplished...

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