Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Fighting Spirit
From: Yvonne Moore

My Jack Russell Story:

We had to put Digger down this week, she was nine. Digger had been the smallest in a litter, and needed special care from her breeder to survive, she came to us at about six months old, and immediately took over the house, calling the shots for her older brother, and the humans too, from then on. She was 11.5" of scruffy, gritty determination. Groundhogs ran and hid when they heard she was on the prowl. She never let one get away. Her puppies had a fierce defender, she would take on all comers, us included, until HER babies were about three weeks old and she decided they were old enough for viewing. We ran stricckly on her schedule. She would often return from a potty break outside with a small rodent or a bird for the pups to consume. The pups might not have their eyes open yet, but she was bringing them breakfast. It was fascinating to live with such a primitive little dog, and see her doing these things, and then have her kiss us, and snuggle under the covers.

About two and a half years ago, she was diagnosed with a Mast Cell tumor in her sinus area. It was deep in her head, very near her eye, and the only treatment option we had was to give her prednisone and hope to slow the tumor down. It worked for her, allowing her a good life for much longer than we expected. She had to fight pneumonia several times, but managed to beat that back, usually within hours of getting the first dose of antibiotics. She could get very ill in a very short time, but would pull out of it just as quickly. Until the end, she actually had very few bad days. This last time, her body was no longer strong enough, and when it became obvious she could not win again, we made the difficult decision to help her with the last fight.

It's been very quiet here without her.

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