Jack Russell Story

Story Name: The Sun Dog!
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

Tiff is my 7yr old JRT who just keeps on being the lady of the house, wherever she goes! She hates to be moved from a comfortable spot and will tell you if she wants to sit in a favourite place which isn't immediately accessible - like outside on my back step when the sun shines!

When she sees the sun shining on the floor in my kitchen she goes to the back door & barks to be let out - so she can stand and 'ask' with her eyes for her box or blanket to be put outside with her! I was reminded this weekend, of the time when I lived at my parents for a while, and one nice sunny day in the summer (yes we do get them occasionally!), my mother had let Tiff out into the yard as usual, but forgotten to put anything out for her to sit on. Tiff sat for a few minutes then gave her little short 'wuff' (attention!) barks (not big barks but enough to make you listen!) and my mother appeared at the door. As soon as she saw Tiff just standing looking at her, she knew what she wanted - so she took Tiffs blanket outside, at which Tiff immediately settled down on said blanket to doze in the sun for a bit!

My mother even (laughingly) apologised to her for not doing so earlier! I think Tiff n' me are a partnership though - she likes to think she owns everywhere, but knows when she's in the wrong and does the old 'submissive thing' by crawling on her belly, so she's not totally 'top dog'! I think we share the responsibility!! She's such a great character and I heave little sighs of relief when I read of other owners JR's living until they are 15 or so!

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