Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Sam, The SUPER DOG!
From: Rebecca Samos and Heidi Stack

My Jack Russell Story:

I have an unusually large Jack Russell mix who love to play games... with herself. One of her Favorites is rolling her play ball onto the edge of our trampoline and waiting for it to fall off the other end. She will go to any measure to keep the ball from getting stuck including knocking it on the underside. On one particularly windy day she hit the trampoline so many times as to un-root the legs from the ground, the trampoline was promptly taken away into the nearby woods.

Once when Sam (our Jack Russell) was a puppy she was hit on the head by a a bag of peas that fell out of the freezer when it was opened. Sam now takes refuge under our living room couch every time the refrigerator or freezer is opened even if we're getting her dog food out.

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