Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Maverick
From: Gina Salter

My Jack Russell Story:

I lived in Vancouver for a short time and it was at a breeder there that I met Maverick. I'd always liked the breed...where I took riding lessons years ago, there were two german shepherds and a JRT. The JRT always followed us out to the jumping rings to watch us and the German Shepherds followed to watch him. He was so gutsy and try so hard to follow us around the jumping course and the shepherds would keep guarding him so he couldn't get too close. It was because of that little character that I fell in love with JRTs.

So. Maverick was from Vancouver and flew home to Ontario with me. The vet gave us a prescription to help relax him for the flight and it didn't do a lot to help. He BARKED and BARKED and whined during the entire flight. I felt really bad not being able to have him on the passenger deck. Well it wasn't long before he had the other two canine travel companions barking along with him. The other passengers on the flight were sure wondering what the noise was all about and I know Maverick was the culprit that started the canine choir. Mavy is now in his terrible 2s and is just as adorable as the day we met.

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