Jack Russell Story


Story Name: Trixie's Incredible Homecoming
From: Laurie Burns

My Jack Russell Story:

I have read so many stories on this page and just last weekend we have an amazing story to tell of our very own. Trixie went missing on Thursday March 27th. She had never gotten out of our invisible fenced in yard in the 2 years she has been with us. When I drove into the driveway that evening and she wasn't with her brother JJ, I knew something was very wrong. We immediately went searching for her in the neighborhood and the surrounding areas. NO TRIXIE! We were devastated, how could she have gotten out and JJ not follow her?! Not to mention JJ was acting clingy, nervous and was a down right sad JRT!

I put an ad in the local newspaper, put color posters up everywhere, including the local gas station about 1 mile from our house. About 10 days later, my husband and I decided to just go "look" at some JR Puppies for sale. The drive was about 1 hour and halfway there I got very ill, so we had to turn around and go home. A couple hours later I felt better and told my husband I was going to go down to the local gas station to pick up some bread for lunch. As I was walking in the front door of the gas station a man and his small son were standing there looking at my poster of Trixie. He said to his son remember that phone number. I freaked out and almost didn't believe what I just heard. Frantically I asked him have you seen that dog! THAT's MY DOG! His jaw dropped and said NO WAY! I had my checkbook in my hand and showed him the matching phone numbers, and by now I was crying my eyes out and hugging him! He said well come on she in my back yard, but I can tell you one thing, she is the sweetest dog we've ever seen! Needless to say they may have decided to keep her if I happened to not be standing right behind him while he was talking to his son! They were very nice people and Trixie had been living it up for the past 10 days - sleeping in their bed, eating pigs feet and pigs ears as chew snacks and bullying their Basset Hound puppy!!

Trixie's rescuers now want a Jack Russell puppy! Just that one week Trixie was with them and they are now "HOOKED" into Jack Russell fever! Trixie is very lucky to be alive because the man saw her trying to cross a busy road and ran over to get her and take her home. (She did have a collar on, but no ID - BIG MISTAKE on my part!) She is now back home reunited with her crazy brother JJ and being spoiled rotten!

PS: We are in the process of fencing in our entire 1 acre back-yard. Expensive - but worth it!

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