Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of lisa.evans@azlan.co.uk

Story Name: She's Not Vain!
From: Lisa Evans

My Jack Russell Story:

I have tried many times to get a reaction out of Tiff, my JRT, in front of the mirror! It seems that she is either a) too shy to look at 'another dog' - which I find hard to believe, the way she goes after other dogs on the field, or b) she knows what a mirror is and just doesn't like looking at herself!

If I lift her up to the mirror she takes a peek then looks away and if I put it down on the floor in front of her, she just looks past it, at me, as if to say "What ARE you trying to prove?!"

But she did bark and raise her hackles at the dogs on 'Animal Hospital' on TV the other night!!

Daft dog - not!

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