Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: When Your Russell is Missing
From: Jack and Freda Morris

My Jack Russell Story:

The following twelve suggestions are placed here for those of us who experience the absolute worst in our relationships with God's best friend, the Jack Russell Terrier. These suggestions were acted on within the first week of our boy, Jack, being taken by a stranger.

  1. First, walk the property for evidence your Russell dug under or climbed over the fence.

  2. Call the neighbors to see if your Russell has been seen or if strangers have been in the neighborhood.

  3. Drive quickly through the neighborhood, one quarter mile in every possible direction.

  4. Call the community animal shelter to advise them of the loss and to leave details of the incident.

  5. Call the area's several vet hospitals in the event your Russell has been brought in with injury.

  6. Create flyers, 100 or more, complete with your Russell's picture, and include only two writings: REWARD and phone number.

  7. Stuff the flyers in newspaper cans or boxes of the homes one quarter mile in every possible direction.

  8. Save several flyers for display at intersections, shop windows, the post office, animal shelter and the high school.

  9. Take out ads in the several local newspapers and run them for several days. A picture of your Russell will attract readers.

  10. Consider your Russell a human interest story and suggest to the newspaper you will agree to an interview with pictures.

  11. Contact your Russell Rescue person and describe your loss. Hopefully, more advice may be gained through this expert.

  12. File a crime report with the police or sheriff's department because your Russell was the focus of a Grand Theft.

Contributed by: Jack and Freda Morris

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