Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Moose and the House Painters
From: Stephanie Hausauer

My Jack Russell Story:

I live in a two story townhome. My bathroom connects to my bedroom via a doorway-no door. You can look from my bathtub straight to the side window. My building was being painted and the painters were working on the window trim-unbeknownst to me in the shower. My one year old smooth-coat-tri colored male "child" was sleeping under the window when he heard the ladder go up against the wall. He couldn't see out because the blinds were pulled down so he grabbed the string and backed up as he pulled-raising the blinds. A painter was looking in the window watching with pure amusement. Moose jumped onto the window ledge and started playfully barking at the guy while he was tapping on the window. After several minutes of this I got out of the shower to see what was going on and was staring eye-to-eye with this man-luckily he was playing to intently with Moose to notice. Moose got so excited and frustrated that he hiked his leg and peed all over the window. Upon seeing this the painter started laughing so hard he started to lose his balance on the ladder. one of his co-workers steadied him as he climbed down. I immediately got dressed to clean up the new "liquid window display" and took him outside. As I walked around the building the man who had been on the ladder was still laughing as he was trying to explain what happened.

Ever since then I keep the string to the blinds looped around the top.

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