Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Trouble the Amazing Catcher
From: Nancy Woodside

My Jack Russell Story:

When Trouble, my JRT, was a year old, I had some extra time on my hand, and spent a lot of time at our local lake. I would take Trouble and we would spend many hours a day there, reading, relaxing and just enjoying the outdoors. Most of the time I would pack a lunch to take along.

One thing that I wouldn't tolerate from Trouble was begging. But, as usual, her hunting instinct took over, and she had to have a bite of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I scolded her for begging but much to my displeasure she kept right on wining. Finally I was down to the last bite and again she begged. Angry I took that last bite and threw it right at her (knowing it wouldn't hurt her any), hoping to make some impression on her thick skull. With one quick movement she caught that bite, chewed it up and was begging for more before I could digest what had just happened. I couldn't believe it so I took out her treats and started throwing them at her. I threw them high, I threw them low, with a curve, over my back,under my leg, straight at her, and she never missed a one. I was having so much fun I didn't realize we had drawn a crowd. Her amazing catching capabilities have provided many a laughs throughout the years.

Trouble is sixteen years old now and her eyesight had been diminishing over the last couple years. She can't see to catch anymore and she can't hunt her beloved lizards. It breaks my heart that her favorite pastimes are not longer an option for her. I now allow her the only kind of hunting she can accomplish, begging.

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