Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Korrkee and the Pups
From: Laurie

My Jack Russell Story:

We never planned on getting another Jack Russell,We never planned on the first one. She came with my mom's old boyfriend (it was a package deal). Any how, being 16 and a fellow JRT lover, I was all for getting a 2nd JRT when I heard Brad telling my mom that our neighbors were giving away their Jack Russell "Terror". Or should I say unloading him. Before we knew it we owned "Scooter" (I think it's a dumb name for a boy dog). Well, 12 months later (a little late) our 1st dog, Korrkee, went into heat. Well, to make a long story short, for 2mos, they did what comes naturally to dogs.Soon, she started showing (for awhile we thought "it" didn't work) but then she started growing and growing and growing! So fat, she could bearly walk! Korrkee had always been some-what aggressive, but as the day grew nearer she seemed so happy and peaceful, and to think I thought she'd make a bad mom! She use to growl if you touched her, now her favorite thing to do was get in submissive position and have you feel her babies. I was feeling her belly on March 5, I looked at my mom and said "Seven". "Excuse me?", she replied. "Seven puppies - I think that's how many there are - seven". "No, 5 at the most", Brad replied for her. My Mom left for work and I went to bed. It was 4:00am when my door opened a crack. "Laurie, want to see something neat." Last time Brad had woke me up in the middle of the night was to see a house mouse, so, rather irritated - and dazed - I replied "What, I'm trying to sleep! Then it hit me." Korrkee." I jumped up and ran in his room. There she was, three pups on her teats. Then, say 15 minutes latter, a forth one came. Then a fifth. "That's it, I think that's the last one." he said. I knew there had to be more, but I left. In the morning I learned that a sixth and SEVENTH had been born. They are now 5 weeks old and from oldest to youngest their names are: Ba Ba,Ba Ba girl,Kit,Boomer,Buster,Cleo,and princess. In the same order: boy, girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl. I will post them on JRT friends soon. The whole experience was fun,the only named one pup, Kit. I am keeping her. She is MY first dog.

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