Jack Russell Story

Courtesy of BeauDrake@aol.com

Story Name: Wake Up
From: Beau Ellenbecker

My Jack Russell Story:

I am 17, and I just bought my first JRT, she is 8 weeks old and her name is Scout. She is almost pure white, and my mother calls her Devil Child. Here is my first, a for sure not only story. Scout likes to jump a lot, especially over people she gets hours of fun by kissing one cheek, jumping over to the other side of the head and kissing the other cheek. She follows me everywhere and loves to burrow in my bed. I sometimes get up late, so now my parents put her on my bed in the morning. She jumps and likes until I stop her. It is a somewhat wet yet affectionate way to be woke up. At least I get a wake up kiss every morning.

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