Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jack Saves The Day
From: Lynn Robinson

My Jack Russell Story:

I have Jack, a nine year old male JRT, a cat named Snickles and a mixed breed dog named Emmy. I bought a new house last year and about a week after moving in, I had to go home early one day to meet the guy from Sears who was going to install my new dishwasher. When I got home, I immediately let Jack and Emmy out in the back yard because Jack hates men and if given the chance, would bite one before you could say "Jack Robinson." Anyway, after the guy from Sears left, I opened the door and told Jack and Emmy to come inside. Emmy came in immediately, however, Jack didn't. He would run up to me and then run back to the wooded area of the yard. I again called for him to come inside and he again ran to me and then ran back to the wooded area of the yard. I thought his behavior was pretty strange, so I said "Jack, what's going on? Do you see something?" I walked out into the yard and told him to show me what he found and to my surprise, my cat had somehow gotten out of the house and was in bad shape. She was standing up against a tree, her back arched, her eyes were wide open and glassy, her tongue was hanging out and she kept hissing at Jack (which was very unusual). I immediately picked her up and rushed her to the vet. The vet said she was in shock and had probably been hit by a car. Thank God for Jack! If he hadn't have found her, Snickles would probably be dead today.

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