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My Jack Russell Story:

I have a 5 month old JRT named Kirby. He is a real character! I am always amazed but never surprised by his crazy behavior. He regularly gets a hold of the toilet paper roll and somehow pulls it from the master bath, through the bedroom, down the hall, into the living room and finally into the kitchen. This covers about 75 ft. and several turns but he never breaks the toilet paper. A friend of ours has affectionately nicknamed him "the Kirbinator". My husband calls him "the Excavator" for obvious reasons. Kirby also has a "blankie" that he likes to carry around wherever he goes. He wrestles with it for hours and then falls asleep on it when he's through. He's always cutest when he's sleeping (which isn't very often). I have always owned terriers but this is my first JR. I am slowly but surely adjusting. I think he'll have me trained before too long.

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