Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Reba Las Vegas can SING!!
From: Kathy Nobrega

My Jack Russell Story:

Reba is my 2year 4 month old female JR. She is the joy of my life. Her personality is aces and she gets along splendidly with my four cats! Anyway, whenever I come home from work I call to her (she always stays on my bed when I am absent - even at my mother's home in MA - she will go to the room we have set up camp in and wait patiently for my return (usually with a chewee and ball with her).

I call her, "Reba,I'm home! Hello my Reba love! Oh, I'm so excited to see you!" As I continue to say Hello I let my voice go higher and higher until it is like a soprano opera singer and with very excited tones she replies with the highest pitch I have ever heard come out of a 16lb. dog! She doesn't stop until I do!

I also have used two famous songs/sounds ever since she was 5 mos. to call her when we play ball. One is "Viva Las Vega" = "Reba Las Vegas" and the other is Speedy Gonsalez' saying, "Ariba, riba, undilay, undilay" (sp?) from Looney Tunes. Now whenever she hears either one on radio/tv she cocks her head and stands at attention recognizing it as her name!

JR's are just fascinating people! Especially REBA!

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