Jack Russell Story

Story Name: The Jack and the Snake
From: John

My Jack Russell Story:

My neighbors caught a 6 ft long black snake in a shed behind my house. They decided to set it free behind their house so it could eat the mice around the farm. Well, about a week or so later, their daughter was taking a shower when out of the drain popped this snake. Thanks to the Sears repair man, the snake was trapped under an old aquarium until the girl's dad came home. He took the snake out to the front of the house and put it out on the ground and took a whack at it with a hoe. He missed and the snake began to slither off. He called the dogs to get it. Their three German Shepards cam around the corner of the house and upon seeing the snake, turned and hot-footed it out of there before they got bitten. As they turned and ran, the folks' Jack Russell, Mickey, came around the house and did nothing but gain speed as she headed for the snake. Mickey grabbed the snake about in the middle and proceeded to shake it as violently as she could. She shook it so hard that the snake's head flew off and landed on the porch some 20 feet away. She didn't stop there though. She continued to shake it until it was not even suitable to made into a belt. When she realized that it was as dead as it was going to get she carried it over to the porch and laid it down on the doorstep and gave her owners a look that said "Yep, I'm bad and I know it." That story just shows how much more determined and confident Jack Russells are than other "big", "tough" breeds of dogs are.

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