Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Best Friends for Life
From: Greg Wright

My Jack Russell Story:

My wife and I own two JRT's. Petey, a male, is 1 1/2 years old, and Radja, a female is 5 months old. The day we brought Radja home, Petey was quite jealous. In fact, as I sat petting Radja, Petey walked over, lifted his leg and proceeded to urinate on me. Needless to say, all Hell broke loose.

Since that time, Petey and Radja have become the best of friends. They play for hours on end and will defend each other with their lives. Petey loves to play catch with a tennis ball and Radja loves to chase Petey (chasing the tennis ball) and bite his legs and tail. So, now Petey gets to play keep away while trying to retrieve his beloved ball.

The funniest thing these two do is they seem to make out. I know this might sound funny unless you have actually seen it yourself but this is how it goes. Petey and Radja will begin licking each other's tongue and mouth, as if they are kissing. Radja will roll on her back and this "kissing" will continue for 15-30 minutes. One day, Radja decided that she had had enough and left to play with one of her toys. Petey watched her, suddenly growled, leaped up, knocked Radja over on her side and began kissing her again. I guess it is affection but it is hilarious.

One last tidbit...As many of you probably already know, JRT's are grouchy sleepers. Petey stopped sleeping on our bed quite a while ago. He would get very upset when we would roll over and our feet would touch him. He then began sleeping in his bed on the floor. Last night, we woke up in the middle of the night to find Petey standing in front of his bed, just sort of staring into it. It was almost as if he was sleep walking. I told him to get in his bed and he just kept staring and then turned his head slightly, looked at me, and then continued to stand there. About an hour later Petey suddenly jumped onto the bed, crawled up between my wife and I, and under the covers where he burrowed himself for the remainder of the night. Because of his strange behavior, and the fact that Petey won't sleep with us any longer, I can only assume that he was having doggie nightmares or something. Anyway, it gave us a good laugh.

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