Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Letter From Friend about our New Puppy
From: Salty

My Jack Russell Story:

Dear my puppy: or is it Saltydog? Welcome to the neighborhood. Let me give you a few tips, since you are not only a newcomer but apparently just a young whippersnapper. Inside is cool. You just have to watch out for the cat and that hot stove. The giants are no problem. You can wrap them around your little paw. Just make a big noise around the cat or ignore. Or if the cat is smart it will offer friendship If it does, TAKE it! Outside is another matter. You've got to watch out for racoons. I'll tell you all about those wild critters when I meet you. Trust me. They're big trouble for little ones like you. And then there's an occasional bear. They're gianter than the giants and better avoided at any cost. The voles and moles are nothing. You're a terrier, aren't you? Well, I am too, and I'll teach you how to respond to your terrier genes and make real sport of them. I'll also show you the patrol routine, so you can earn your keep. Well, I'm off tomorrow on a pilgrimage to Port Townsend. I'm going to climb up to the beautifullest mountain pass in the Olympics to visit Jonathan's grave. I may have to push my mistress a lot on the way up. Oh well, she's pretty nice to me.

One question. Where did you come from? I didn't know you were contemplated.

Again, welcome. Jetta

This from our neighbor who is on the road, travelling across canada and has a puppy,(not a JR)...she also lost her 19 yr old son to a rafting trip one month ago Robbie (Daddy).

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