Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Jocko: The Cat Herder
From: Bob & Chris Whiting

My Jack Russell Story:

Jocko, our 3-yr old JR, is a such a comedian. But we underestimated what he really understands. The other day, one of our cats wanted out. Jocko is crazy about this particular cat and has a special rapport with him. When the cat wants out, he bumps Jocko and waits for him to get one of us to get up and open the door. Well, we just painted our gates and didn't want the cat out for awhile, so Bob said: No, the kitty can't go out right now; he has to stay in the house. Well, out of the blue, Jocko ran over to the cat and bumped him in the rear, turned him around, and herded him clear into the living room! He is absolutely the greatest dog in the world. I'll write more stories about his swimming ritual later.

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