Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Geddy the golfer
From: Dana Wilson

My Jack Russell Story:

My almost 3 year old JRT, Geddy, is like most others that I have read about in these stories. He loves to shred tissue, take things he isn't supposed to just for the "chase", will jump in any body of water he can find, hates bicycles or any other moving thing, does not seem to care for the mailman, ups man, or any delivery person, has to sleep under the covers right next to me, and wakes me in the morning with several licks on the face.

His most recent antic had my boyfriend and I laughing so hard we almost cried. My boyfriend (Steve) recently bought me a new putter (I am going to learn to play golf) and brought over his practice putting green so I could practice at home. Well, it isn't as easy as it sounds with a Jack Russell in the house!!! Geddy sits next to the side of the putting green and as soon as the ball is hit, he runs up, grabs the ball and takes it behind the couch, all before the ball even has a chance of getting in the hole!! Then as I put another ball down to putt, he brings his first captured ball and drops it in the hole.

Geddy is a smooth coat with brown spots down his back. He never ceases to amaze me or make me laugh.

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