Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Gone Fishin'
From: Cynthia Renfroe

My Jack Russell Story:

I was sitting in my kitchen patiently listening one of my Mother's long "how I save money" stories, when suddenly my three year old son, came running through the room looking for his bamboo fishing pole and a stool to sit on. My Mother did not even notice and kept right on with her story. As he left our utility room, I glanced at him uneasily from the corner of my eye as Mom kept talking.

A few minutes later, he returned asking for a carrot. "What for, I asked? Are you hungry?" he explained that he was fishing for a rabbit under our shed. "I am sure you are," I said. My Mother continued... and suddenly I heard my son scream that he almost caught him. Terror seized me when I contemplated the thought of rabbit fishing? A rabbit acting that weird would certainly be very sick. I jumped up and ran to the back of the shed to find my son sitting on this stool with a fishing line underneath the ground. I put my head close to the base and was shocked when I saw a muddy paw reach for the carrot. What is this .... an opossum, a raccoon. No it was our very silly Jack Russel, Katydid. She had dug while inside the shed through some rotted boards and got stuck underneath. She was having a blast however, eating carrots. I went to get a shovel and my collie mix helped me dig her out. She was a site covered with the fine dust from that shed.

My husband, grabbed his camera a shot a picture of my son, who is now eight, fishing for his rabbit.

It is a fact that a home with small children and at least one JRT is never dull.

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