Jack Russell Story


Story Name: Stop Sleeping With Me
From: Bev

My Jack Russell Story:

My problem is that I got Cuvee as a puppy and spoiled her rotten. Then along came Brut - an older dog (and far more reserved). It would appear as if Brut's previous family made her an "outside" dog.

Anyway to cut a story short - Cuvee beleives that she is entitled to sleep in my bed with me and apart from physically picking her up an putting her back in her basket (which is next to the bed) I am at wits end on how to make her realise that I have my bed and she has hers.

To make matters worse Brut has now picked up on the idea and also sleeps in the bed - she however keeps me awake most of the night - by constantly falling out of bed.

Any ideas - I am getting older per night!

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