Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Ginger ale Addict
From: Lynda J Prime

My Jack Russell Story:

Kynna my 4 1/2 year old female JRT is a scream. I got her when she was 7 weeks old and of course it was love at first sight... She seems to think that everything I have should be shared with her. She lets me know when she "wants"... and with that terrier determination she usually gets what she wants. I drink ginger ale, that's my drink.. Not a day goes by when I'm drinking my nice tall glass of ginger ale that the Keen (that's what we call her) doesn't get right up on my lap and start singing in anticipation of a wee lick.. Now the more fizzy the more she loves it.. She sings when she's drinking it too... Now you might think bad..but ginger is actually a digestive aid and I brush her teeth, she has perfect pearly whites.. She is the bravest wee thing too, she's about 13 pounds. She will do anything to be with me, I mean anything.. Get in a specially made basket on my mountain bike, get in a Snugli (baby carrier) to go mountain climbing.. There is nothing that the Keen would not do.. She loves me to talk to her and does know many words..when I hit a favourite word that head of hers starts turning from side to side. So share we do, everything.. I'm always there for her and she's gotten me through some pretty rough times. If you want to visit Kynna's Corner, please do. http://www.dirt-dog.com/kynna.

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