Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Smudge
From: Barbara James

My Jack Russell Story:

While stationed in England with my husband, a friend of mine's dog had puppies. She said they were Jack Russell Terriers..I had no idea at the time what a JRT was. Anyway I bought the little 6 week old female puppy for 25 English Pounds..about 50 american dollars, against the advice from my husband. He did not like the fact that i actually paid money for a puppy. Well Smudge is going to be 6 years old May 18th of 1997. She is a short haired, long legged beauty. She has had 3 litters of pups. I kept one of her first litters pups. Her name is Roxanne..These 2 dogs have brought many smiles as well as frowns to our lives. They dig up my flower beds daily. but are very affectionate A little hyper at times when bicycles go by and other dogs, birds, squirrels, anything that moves. My children adore them so much as do I.

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