Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: My Dog Has a Face!
From: Johnna Diehl Mountain

My Jack Russell Story:

We've had Oscar now for six years. We adopted him from the SPCA in our community when he was a year old. They told us he was mainly King Charles Spaniel I just assumed they were correct, but I couldn't help think he didn't have the "spaniel" ears. I didn't realize he was a JRT until I saw the kid's show Wishbone and now your sight. I was looking at a mirror image of our precious dog. He is still although 7 years old just as puppy-playful as ever and is terrific with the kids. He loves the boys and watches over them when they play. He's not too crazy about our cat but they are polite to one another. Thank you so much for your home page. I would recommend a JRT to anyone who wants a loving, loyal, sweet companion.

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