Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: A JRT Never Forgets
From: Nancy Woodside

My Jack Russell Story:

It is amazing how smart the JRT breed is. Trouble, my 16 year old JRT continues to amaze me even today. When Trouble was a pup she was very sick (see ďHow Trouble Saved My LifeĒ). We spent many hours in the bathroom using the steam from the shower to help break up her congestion. To this day she still comes into the bathroom every time I take a shower. If I leave her out she knocks on the door until I let her in.

Another wonderful example or her memory is whenever we go to my Momís house. Trouble and I lived there for about five years while she was a pup. As soon as we arrive and she has said her helloís she heads out into the patio where the dog door is, out the door, down the sidewalk and into the pool room, all the way to the corner, where as a pup she once hunted and caught a lizard. Once she make sure that lizard hasnít come back she patrols the brick wall that is on one side of the property, and checks for more lizards there. We havenít lived there in nine years!!!

Trouble can also tell what day of the week it is by what shoes I put on. If I bring my high heels out she gets into her bed and settles in for the day. If my tennis shoes are brought out she canít sit still waiting for the command, or at least any sign that she will get to go.

Watch for more Trouble stories. Coming soon!!! Trouble and the Coyote & Trouble and the Termite Man

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