Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Don't Make Rosie Mad. . . . .
From: Chastity

My Jack Russell Story:

In our house are 4 female JRs and 3 crazy people!! There's Rosie--our "first", Banchi and Charly--Rose's "puppies" that are 6 yrs. old!!-- and my little sweetheart--Kricket. I have plenty of stories so I'm sure I'll visit this place a lot!! Even though Rose isn't technically mine (she belongs to my parents--she thinks that I belong to her. . . ) Well, when Rosie was in her "adolescent" stage--she was a very "moody" girl. One day I entered my bedroom to discover yet another of her catastrophic "creations" (I don't even remember what it was now) but anyway, I proceeded to go ranting and raving down the hallway until I found Rose, then I really told her what a bad dog she was. . . . .well. . . .I guess she took it a littler worse than I thought. Several minutes later I went back into my room and what did I find??? The BIGGEST puddle of pee I had ever laid eyes on--right in the middle of my bed!!! I was furious, mom laughed until she cried and Rose got "told off" yet again--and again she got mad--(and this is entirely the honest truth--) Before I could even clean up the first puddle--she made another one--all because she got in trouble and got mad at me--no one can tell me these little dogs aren't smart--she was on a mission. . . .I hate to think what she might have done if I had even bothered to punish her again!!

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