Jack Russell Story


From: Christine Whiting

My Jack Russell Story:

Jocko, our 3-yr old JRT has several routines he goes through daily. I believe he has an alarm clock in his head. One of the funniest habit he's developed is his demand for his towel. He loves to swim and play fetch daily, and when he's finished we towel-dry him. My husband rubs him down with the towel, and Jocko growls as if he's killing something. If he stops drying him, Jocko begs for more. Lately, Jocko goes to the laundry room (where the towel is kept) and whines until we get his towel down for him. As you can imagine, the towel has several holes in it from his little tug-o-war games. He brings it to us so we can put his head through one of the holes. He could shake it off in a heartbeat if he wanted to, but he just walks around the house with his towel wrapped around and dragging. He looks like a poor little hobo dressed in a ragged towel. Later, he falls asleep with it and his toys next to him. As much energy it takes to keep up with him, we wouldn't trade him for the world!

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