Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Jack Russell, Babycat, Rat
From: Mona Wallsten

My Jack Russell Story:

Everywhere I read and heard that a Jack Russell canīt be with another small animals. I have three Jack Russels, Svea 4 years, Harry 1.5, and Lukas 7 months. My two daughters have rats, and one day I heard something in the room, when I got in there I saw Svea had one rat in the mouth. She took so much care with him, just as she took care of her puppies.

Our cat has had kittens two times, and our three dogs just play with them, but sometimes itīs gonna be a hard game. I said to my dogs, be careful by the kitts - it's very small. Svea had puppies two times and one puppy lived in finspang with cats and a chicken. They go together in the garden and they are friends.

Excuse my very bad english, but I hope you can read it. Mona.

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