Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Dust Bust
From: RoseAnn DeFalco

My Jack Russell Story:

You may have read a previous story about Pepper climbing ladders. Well, she likes to help Mommy with the housework too. It seems that every time I take out the dustbuster, Pepper barks and attacks the darn thing to no avail. The funniest thing to watch though, is when I finally give up trying to use it and put it down on the floor, she starts to pounce on it with her two front paws, presses the power button on, and when the motor starts she starts biting it. I quess she doesn't like to see me work so hard!

We also have a 1 year old - his name is Haus. He likes to imitate Pepper. They are very competitive for affection. If Pepper sits on my lap, Haus will sit on top of her practically on my shoulders, then Pepper will climb up even higher, and so on....

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