Jack Russell Story


Story Name: Like a Son
From: Tommy Townsend

My Jack Russell Story:

On June 6 of last year my two sons presented me with a jack russell puppy for my birthday and for father's day. They knew how much I had always wanted a jrt. We grew to love him as another son. He filled our hearts with so much joy and happiness. On June 5 of this year, exactly one year since his arrival, he have suffered his departure. While chasing another dog from our property, our little "Paco" was hit and killed by an automobile.

We are all so devastated at this loss. There in not a minute that goes by that we don't feel his presence.

We have never had an animal with such a distinct personality as Paco had. I had heard that jrt's were that way and I know it is true.

Hopefully we will be able to get another jrt sometime and love him as we did Paco.

We miss you so!!!!

Goodbye son; goodbye Paco.

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