Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Max the Digger
From: Lauren Stokes

My Jack Russell Story:

Max is my 8 month old JRT. He is my best friend and the greatest dog I have ever know. I discovered how much Max LOVES to dig when I recently took him to the beach for a long week-end. He went crazy with all that sand! One evening, not long after we returned home, I was on the telephone when I noticed cat litter flying about 4 feet in the air out of a small room off of my kitchen. Upon investigation, I found MAX practically upside down trying to dig his way to China! Realizing that this digging "thing" was going to continue, I promptly went to WalMart and purchased a plastic childs wading pool and filled it with white play sand. Max watched intently and them immediately dove in and dug and dug and dug. It is his spot in the yard and now the cats are happy and so is Mom. P.S. I think it has probably saved my backyard.

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