Jack Russell Story

Story Name: Chauncey Helps with the Groceries
From: Marlene Moran

My Jack Russell Story:

My little buddy Chauncey likes to help me with unloading the car. He is well aware that there is a treat for him in one of the bags. I usually walk in the door and make my presence known to him and we go through the ceremony of jumping and petting. He'll then come out with me and jump into the trunk or backseat (wherever the bags are). He follows me into the house as I bring each bag in and when they are all in, he sniffs out which bag his treat is in sits and waits-patiently I might add for his goodie. By the time I empty most of the bags I have to give him the treat, just seeing the look on his face, I couldn't make him wait any longer. But he knows that routine tricks will be asked for which he obliges. He gives me a lot of pleasurable experiences to talk about.......

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