Jack Russell Story

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Story Name: Tuff Terriers
From: Lisa Foster

My Jack Russell Story:

My family had a dog for 18 years that took up at our house. After she died, my parents debated on what type of dog to get. We wanted a dog that would be a warning dog for intruders, that is small and smart. We decided on a Jack Russell. The dog become the joy of our lives. We named her Patches and everyone calls her 'Patchy Dog'. When she was eight months old, she was running through the house, you know that run where they tuck their tail down and run for all its worth? Well, she jumped on the bed and slid across it, hit the headboard and broke the third vertebra in her neck. After a long struggle and seeing 9 neurologists she finally got better.

My parents told me when I got married they would get me any dog I wanted. I wanted a 'Patchy Dog'. We went and picked out a female from a liter of pups. This dog is the half sister of my parent's JR. She is completely white except a small spot by her eye. She is my baby. She sleeps between me and my husband every night. She sleeps, eats, and plays with a racketball. When she sees a cat or something she wants to bark at, she grabs her ball and shakes her head and makes a funny growling noise. She is so funny. One day a man knocked on my door and told me my dog had a ball stuck in its mouth. When I told him she does that all the time, he asked if he could bring his wife over to see it.

I named her Jasmine. She gets so excited when we call her Jazzy. Her and Patches are best friends. If you ask Jasmine if she wants to see her sissy of even mention the name Patches she about drives you crazy wanting to go see Patches. We recently moved 8 hours away. They miss each other so much. So we let them bark at each other over the phone.

I personally believe that JR's are the best dogs. Yes, Jasmine has dug holes in my yard, and when she was a pup she drove me crazy. Everytime I opened the door she would run. But I finally got her under control.

Last summer, her and Patched got out of the yard and where chasing cats. A motorcycle hit Jasmine. I thought she was dead. Her head got stuck in the spokes and she was flipped twice and then the back wheel ran over her. Her jaw was knocked out of place and she suffered nerve damage in that jaw. She couldn't open her mouth and wanted to play ball so bad. We bought a soft cat ball and she carried it around by the fuzz. At night she was in so much pain she would cry. We had to give her water and chicken broth (JR's love chicken broth) through a baby bottle. Her spirit was never broken. These dogs have a will to live. They try so hard to get our approval and love show off. I wish I could thank Parson Jack for his development of the breed. My life is fulfilled.

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